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Bag yourself 10% off at #MMHA16 Winners The Organic Balm Company’s online store to celebrate Organic Beauty Week as part of Organic September.

Standout products include our top rated Mother and Baby Nourish Balm and their RAH Facial Serum – or treat yourself to their Cocoa Rose Bath Melts.

Prices are all adjusted on the website, so no need for codes… Happy Shopping!

Rockin Baby makes its second clothing drop in Uganda

One of our favourite brands Rockin’ Baby has just announced that as part of their ‘you buy, we give’ mission they were able to gift over 21,000 items of clothing to children in Sierra Leone, orphaned due to Ebola.

Their ‘Child to Child’ initiative follows on from the ‘Mother to Mother’ campaign (whereby for each of their baby slings sold one is given to a mother in Haiti and Kenya) and helps orphaned children not only keep warm but maintain a sense of dignity.

Mark Jeynes, Rockin’ Baby’s Vice President and Co-founder is passionate that even the most impoverished children are given the basic right of proper clothing: “Tragically many of the thousands of children, orphaned from Ebola, have been shunned by their communities and forced to live on the streets with no proper clothing or care. And even those who are lucky enough to be cared for by a family member, the devastating poverty means that food, a daily need, comes above clothing, meaning existing clothes are worn until they completely fall apart.”
“It may seem small thing to us in the Western world, but wearing proper clothing helps to maintain a child’s dignity as a human being, as well as keep them warm. These children are incredibly conscious of their status and ashamed to come closer when they see a stranger or someone dressed properly. It is deeply humbling to, in some small way help these children with our ‘you buy, we give’ ethos as we strive to help thousands of families around the world.”

Help Rockin’ Baby continue to do such great work (and dress your own child in style!) – The new Rockin’ Baby A/W 2016 range is in stores and online now, prices start at £10.

SM reviews… The Snugglebundl

The Snugglebundl has won countless parenting awards, helping parents lift and lay a sleeping baby without straining back/tummy muscles – and more to the point – without waking the baby. Sleep expert Jo Tantum called it ‘a mummy and baby must have..’ so obviously we were keen to test it out.

Editor writes: “This is literally the best baby product we have ever had,” quipped my other half, when this arrived and we put the baby in it. “,The only thing I hate about it is the name – I sound silly saying it…”

He carries on (he’s off on one…) “,it’s kind of a bit like what I imagine ninjas would carry their knives and stuff around in…the way the cloth folds is so simple it seems like Japanese design…” 

“Riiight…,” I say. 

Basically, the Snugglebundl is an incredibly efficient way to move a sleeping baby from carseat to cot to bouncer/napper etc without them so much as murmuring. It is super light and has a head support, so little one is comfortable and at the right angle, the lining is brushed cotton so it is cosy but not too hot and it comes in a range of on-trend designs (including grey stars). It is all super sturdy – no need to worry about heavier babies – and if you’re not carrying the baby in it you’ll find it’s also pretty handy for scooping up bits of LEGO and carting them back to an upstairs bedroom… (Also perfect size to carry your yoga mat in.)

As for ninjas; I’m not sure if they’ve come across the Snugglebundl yet, but am sure it would serve their purpose. Obviously, if they want to take mine they’ll have to fight my other half for it first...

More info and stockists at www.snugglebundl.co.uk

SM tests… Bee Good’s Necta Perfecta Beautifying Mask

We really fell for Bee Good’s range this year – they are the only British premium skincare brand to exclusively use British beeswax, honey and propolis in all their products and we gave them a #MMHA16 thumbs up…

So we were delighted to test their latest Necta Perfecta product; the UK’s first multi-tasking youth enhancing face and body enzyme mask to deliver targeted results & prepare your skin to maximise the effectiveness of your skincare, make-up and tanning products.

SM tester writes: “OMG, what a product. It comes in a huuuuge and posh looking jar, which costs £39.95, but I think a jar would last around 6 months, even with the extensive hammering I’m giving it! 

The gist is that you can use it on your face, scalp, feet, hands, elbows… anywhere dry or ‘problem’ and it delivers a double whammy of an enzyme peel and a mega moisture all in one. 

You’re meant to put it on your face either like a mask or like a cleansing balm (ie wash off with a muslin). The first night, instead of leaving on for 20 mins before bed I actually just fell asleep with it on – and woke up with lovely smooth skin! 

I have also been using it on my feet – if you saw my cracked heels you’d probably be a bit sick – let’s just say the hot summer hasn’t been kind and I should have spent a bit less time in flip flops – but it was really soothing and dealt with the cracked, flaky skin and sore patches – I’ve been popping a bit on before putting my gym socks and trainers on too as it means I take them off to nicer looking feet after a workout. 

You can use it as a scalp boost – I’ve been giving my head a little massage with it as the bonus effect is a volumising product that smells lovely (ingredients include orange, lemon and sugar maple as well as honey) – but you can just shampoo it out once it has worked its magic.”

Order online from Bee Good. 

Bake a cake for Starlight’s 30th

Believe it or not, Starlight (the charity which grants wishes for terminally ill children) celebrates its 30th year this year – and on the week of Oct 10th will be asking people to take part in a Starlight Birthday Cake Bake to raise money for their incredible cause.

The likes of Joanna Lumley, Russell Howard, Rob Brydon and Nadiya Hussain have pledged their support – sharing their favourite cake recipes, which can be downloaded here.

What’s more, you can sign up for a free Cake Bake Kit, with bunting, cake name tags and more, to help you throw your own event.

If you don’t fancy yourself as a baker but just want to help brighten the life of a terminally ill child, please do donate here.

Christopher Kane debuts his Crocs collaboration at #LFW16

Aah, Crocs. You hate them, but you kinda love ’em. Perfect for when the kids want to run around in the garden – but it’s neither welly nor barefoot weather – or for wearing in the shower at the swimming pool. Occasionally wearing ’round Tesco cos they were so comfy you walked out the door and got in the car…

But you’d never actually wear them in public – right?

1r6a2367_reWrong – because now, if you rock a pair of Crocs you can say ‘Oh, but they were designed by Christopher Kane’. His collaboration with the shoe brand debuted at LFW yesterday…

Christopher Kane, said of the partnership: “I always work with unexpected items and combinations, transforming the everyday into desirable luxury. I wanted to bring my own stamp and DNA to Crocs’ classic clog shoe and achieve something really special. The marble print feels very earthy and I often think of Crocs in a very grounded way, worn with either an evening dress or with jeans, and adding the rock crystals brings a bit of luxury to this everyday style. Crocs are arguably the most comfortable shoe, I love that they are slightly awkward and might be perceived by some as ‘ugly’. They have a very naïve and childlike shape which I especially like when they look extra clunky on the foot.”

More at www.crocs.eu

SM chats to… Melissa Mead, a Mother Without a Child

We (and most of the internet) were rendered blubbering wrecks when we watched Melissa’s brave, eloquent, moving and incredibly sad video raising awareness of Sepsis following the loss of her son William far too soon.

We were grateful that Melissa shared a few words with us – and hope that our readers will contribute to William’s JustGiving page.

image: itv
image: itv

SM: First of all, how are you feeling? Baby #2 must be pretty close to arriving?

Melissa: Baby number two is arriving on the 27th September so very close now! Due on the 9th October but due to a few complications on my part it’ll be a planned c-section. We are very excited about the baby, however it’s very much tinged with sadness that William isn’t here to share it with us. With our experiences with William it has made us incredibly anxious and fearful that we will lose the baby. We like to think of this baby as a gift from William, our little ray of hope, we can only take one day at a time, and we both accept that sometimes it’s ok to not be ok.
SM: Now that (thanks to your video) we have heard of Sepsis, what would your advice be in terms of how to handle the situation if we suspect any of the signs?
Melissa: If anyone suspects any of the signs and symptoms of sepsis either in themselves, a loved one or child then it is always best to consult a GP / out of hours or A&E, especially if there is history of infection. The one thing that is absolutely key to say is, ‘could this be sepsis’, sometimes all it takes is for two mutual people to suspect it and the golden hour of treatment can begin much earlier than waiting. Suspecting sepsis is half of the journey. Sepsis is so quick so do not delay, and never be afraid to voice your concern or thoughts.
SM: our fight has generated some amazing support and seemingly lots of stories of shared experiences, loss and positive action. Do you feel there is a ‘next step’ now to your campaign?
Melissa: Last Tuesday, I, along with the UK Sepsis Trust and the Government launched a public awareness campaign for sepsis. 1 in three Britons do not know what sepsis is, however, a recent poll from YouGov/UKST shows that this year there has been a 47% increase in sepsis awareness since William’s story was highlighted in the media. I think the way that we have conducted our campaign and worked with the Government means that we all have a shared objective and the campaign can be constructive. I recorded my video just ahead of the campaign launch, but it’s so important to remember that as a charity the UKST do not get any Government funding and is entirely self-funded through people like me fundraising. The campaign so far will consist of resources in the areas your would hope to see them, so local doctors, A&E’s, Out of hours, pharmacies etc. but the next step is to raise enough money to create a television advert to really reach people in their homes. 70% of sepsis cases are acquired in the community, so it shows we really need to be reaching people in their own environment. So, I will continue to try and raise awareness and funds for as long as I live, for me this gives me a purpose, it still allows me to be William’s mum and create a legacy for him. Sadly, there is no vaccine for sepsis, as it is bacterial so it’s really important that we have a campaign in place that runs year on year.
Please donate to: www.justgiving.com/williamoscarmead or you can text SEPS77 with an amount to 70070. This always pays into William’s Just Giving page. 
Follow Melissa’s story at amotherwithoutachild.com

SM reviews… Splashabout wetsuits

MMHA16 Winners Splashabout make all sorts of great baby and pregnancy swimswear, including Happy Nappies, sun protection suits, floatsuits and splash pals.

We tested their UV combie wetsuits.

wp_20160807_08_13_08_proEditor writes: Boys will be boys in the summer months, which for us tends to mean long stints in chilly outdoor pools at holiday villas, boogie boarding in the – again, not warm – Atlantic (or even North Sea) or pushing each other into the paddling pool (even on rainy days). 

Splashabout’s UV combie wetsuits are a great option in that they are light enough to wear at the swimming pool, can be pulled on and off by a two year old, come in super cheerful designs (which can just go in the wash if need be) and – unlike some – the neoprene/nylon/lycra mix doesn’t irritate little ones’ skin. As the name suggests they also offer sun protection as well as a bit of ewp_20160817_15_20_54_proxtra warmth.

Essentially, these wetsuits are the difference between happy kids playing til they are totally knackered and over tired kids moaning about being cold…

The UV combie wetsuits come in a range of sizes for 1-6 years. Order online from Splashabout.com

(Paddling pool £20.99 from Aldi)

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