Behind the Scenes of our Autumn issue Fashion Story

If you’ve seen our beautiful Fashion Story in the Autumn issue you might like to read about how it was created.

Photographer Clare Bowes writes: Not that I want to complain about beautiful, blue skied days as they can be few and far between up here in the North East, where we shot Slick Mummy’s latest fashion spread… but I was definitely hoping for at least some cloud coverage last week!  As a natural light photographer bright, sunny days can be a bit of a nightmare to work with:  For a start off, strong sun creates harsh, unflattering shadows; secondly – no one wants to see pictures of uncomfortable people squinting into the blinding sun; but worst of all when shooting an autumn “back to school” fashion shoot – it’s got to look a bit… well… autumn-y… (plus I didn’t want my little models sweltering under cosy duffel coats!) 

I needn’t have worried, the gorgeous models were consummate professionals, even in the searing (almost) heat.  Apart from the weather our morning’s shoot went swimmingly.  We shot at a dream location – an old disused beach lido with loads of interesting backdrops to photograph against.  The clothes and amazing accessories we’d been sent fit the brief perfectly and super-stylist Laurel made sure everything ran smoothly… I even managed to find some shady spots to photograph in.

We all (the models; their parents; their grandparents; a baby sibling; Laurel and myself) had a fab morning (how could we not with this view?!).  When we wrapped the shoot and packed up our gear Laurel and I congratulated ourselves as we headed off to the car just as the cloud I’d been longing all morning for finally rolled in!  

Shot on location at Tynemouth Lido, Longsands Beach, Tyne & Wear

Stylist: Laurel Outterside

Models: Arjun and Brandon from Tyne Teen Models

Photographer: Clare Bowes Photo