Boutique Focus: Blade and Rose

Blade and Rose stock a great range of innovative and funky childrenswear, but are maybe best known for their range of leggings (for little boys too). We caught up with designer and mum Amanda to find out more about her company.

Amanda with her children

SM: Where does the design inspiration come from?

Amanda: There are many children’s themes , however an idea doesn’t always look as good on paper.  An idea starts to develop once the designs are drawn and tweaked many times.

 SM: Which are your bestselling pieces?

Amanda: All the designs sell well, but the overall best sellers are Daisy & Pirate leggings.

3 pairs Hanging
 SM: And which do your own children love most?

Amanda: Issey modelled the cupcakes so she loves them, Harvey loves the dinosaur and new T-Rex.

 SM: What are the biggest challenges for you, running the business?

Amanda: I have learnt so much running my own business, from Amanda with Product (Blade & Rose)importing to photography styling.  It’s hard to juggle everything; it’s just a matter of prioritising and asking for help. 

SM: And what has been your proudest moment? 

Amanda: Seeing the brand grow each year, still many proud moments ahead 🙂

SM:  What’s next for the brand?

Amanda: Not giving too much away but lots of new ideas!

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