Boutique Focus…Kozi Kids

Kozi Kidz is a UK-based company which has an award-winning range of outdoor gear for kids aged 0-10. It was founded in 2008 by a husband/wife team Linda and Tomas Torstensson after they returned from living in Sweden and noticed a gap in the market for good-quality children’s outdoor gear. Linda took the time to chat to us about the brand…

SM: How did Kozi Kidz come about?

Linda TorstenssonWe decided to start Kozi Kidz after observing differences between the habits of children growing up in Sweden and those growing up in the UK, especially with regards to how they interact with the outdoors and nature.

Although we were living in Sweden at the time, we kept a close eye on the growing concerns about children’s’ health in the UK. After being stopped multiple times in the street by people wanting to know where are young daughter’s outdoor gear was from, we realised there was a gap in the market. These events also tied in with a desire to start my own company after a career break so together with my husband Tomas I started Kozi Kidz.’

SM: What have been the biggest challenges running the company whilst being a mum?

Linda TorstenssonJuggling priorities and feeling that sometimes I am not doing either job 100% effectively.’

SM: What pieces does your own daughter like best from the range?

Linda TorstenssonShe has now grown out of Kozi Kidz but her past favourites included the onesie, soft shell and of course the raincoats.’

SM: What has been the best bit of feedback you have had from a customer?

Linda TorstenssonThe best feedback is when parents report that their kids love their Kozi Kidz clothing. It’s also fantastic to receive confirmation from families about the durability of the gear.

SM: If you could suggest one Kozi Kidz garment to our readers as a ‘must have’ which would it be?

Linda TorstenssonDefinitely a PU rain set, either lined or unlined.  This is the mainstay of an outdoor wardrobe for young kids and every child or household in Scandinavia has at least one if not two sets.’

SM: We recently featured the ‘Nordic Napping’ trend, was this something you did and what did you dress your daughter in to sleep outdoors?

Linda TorstenssonAbsolutely! Very often after a walk I would leave the pram parked outside the back door in the garden whilst she continued to sleep, winter and summer.  In summer the key thing was to ensure the mosquito net was in place, in winter it depended on just how cold it was. In temperatures of minus 10C then generally she would have a padded snow suit on with a couple of blankets and a pram liner. If it was warmer, a fleece all in one was all she needed in the pram with blankets.

I’d often join her too, sitting outside in the snow in minus temperatures with a cup of coffee seemed quite normal!’

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