Boutique Focus… Mon Breton

When we saw Mon Breton’s range of classic Breton tops with unique quirky emoji details the concept really made us smile.

So we were delighted that Creative Director Isla Cunningham took the time to chat to us about her brand.

 kuola and tree

SM: What advice on weight and stripes would you give to someone choosing their first Breton top?

Isla Cunningham: The beauty of the Breton is that you can’t go wrong. It looks good on everyone, so you can wear it with confidence! For a Breton beginner I would want a classic “Navy on White” heavyweight long-sleeved shirt. The equivalent of our “Bardot”. The original, the classic.

SM: You have some quite ‘out there’ emoji options, have you been surprised by the choices of your customers?

Isla Cunningham: Haha, Yes! Well, I think the aubergine has caused a few raised eyebrows! All our customers have chosen designs close to their heart. That’s what makes Mon Breton so special. My favourite is probably the matching dachshunds I made for a grandmother and her grandson. They look adorable.


SM: Which emojis do you have on your own top?

Isla Cunningham: I obviously have a few but the top closest to my heart has a Koala & Tree on it (pictured above). I’m the Koala and Charles my fiancée is my Tree. We’ve even got a little song but you’ll have to buy me a few martinis before I break it out! We are getting married New Year’s Eve; I’m thinking stripes might feature quite heavily! We’ve actually just had an order from a bride who wanted unique gifts for her bridesmaids. She asked for their initials on each of the tops. Very cute.


SM: And how do you personally accessorise a Breton?

Isla Cunningham: Great question. The Breton is SO versatile – with skinny jeans and loafers or ballet flats is a classic look, but for work I often pair mine with a chic lace pencil skirt. Next week I’ll be wearing one on the beach over a neon bikini.

SM: There are many celeb Breton lovers, but who would your dream customer be?

Isla Cunningham: I would say Alexa Chung. Her style is effortless. Bretons are perfect for babies, they are hard wearing, wash well, classic, versatile, unisex and I can’t deny that seeing Prince George wearing one would be a delight! As for Charles, I think he would say Natalie Portman.

SM: What’s next for the brand?

Isla Cunningham: Getting our name out there! Mon Breton is still under 6 months old and the feedback has been so positive we are really grateful to all our fans who are spreading the word. A menswear collection can’t be too far away. Charles is desperate to get his James Dean look on! We have had some interest from Asia, the Far East and the States so this is just the beginning and we are so excited.

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