Boutique Focus: Poco Nido

Poco Nido is a Sheffield-based little people’s clothing and footwear brand featuring bright, exclusive and well-designed items for stylish kids. We loved the range, which includes cheerful, adorable characters including company ‘mascot’ Ludwig the owl.

Poco Nido was founded in 2011 by Catherine Lobley, a busy working mum who was inspired to create her own unique and functional baby clothing and footwear line after working as a footwear designer in London.

Catherine Lobley 2

We caught up with Catherine (and colleague Joanna) to find out more about the business.

SM: Where does the design inspiration come from?

Catherine Lobley: My children inspire me, all the childhood things they love  and books, we love an illustrated book in our house, pictures can say so much without barriers. Travel in the Far East a lot with previous jobs has also made a huge impact on my taste levels. Basically what you see on the shoes is what happens in my head and luckily I found a creative director who seems to be exactly on the same wave length and level of quirkiness.

SM: Which is your best selling item?

Catherine Lobley: Owls, anything with owls, people are crazy for the owls. Mostly the mini shoes which are our core items.

SM: And which do your own children like best?

Catherine Lobley: My kids love everything, they’ve both taken part on early photo shoots enthusiastically, they have sneakers and t shirts and they voluntarily and proudly take every large public gathering as an opportunity to wear their kit. My son had every size of ankle welly as he grew up. He’s now five but would have been sporting a bonnet if he could have fitted his head into one. Jo has an adorable niece who also adores Poco Nido, her favourite item is the owls hi-top sneakers. These three kids are probably Poco Nido’s  biggest fans.

SM: What has been your biggest challenge, running the business?

Catherine Lobley: Actually running the business. I am a designer by trade. I have learnt everything about running the business by actually doing it. If we had 3 wishes we’d spend them on more time, more sleep and more staff.

SM: And your proudest moment?

Catherine Lobley: It’s yet to happen. We have distribution all over the globe but the one thing yet to achieve is a shop in the UK. Real feel good moments are when we see kids wearing our shoes, or when all the new stock comes in and we open the boxes for the first time. 

SM: What’s next for the business?

Catherine Lobley: That’s top secret, sorry. We’re growing -that’s all you’re getting :-). 

SM: And finally (we had to ask) any plans to get a girlfriend for Ludwig the owl?

Catherine Lobley: Ludwig has a wife already, so I don’t think he’d be very pleased about that! A lot of the original placement print garments featured 4 owlsThey are Ludwig’s family, it was originally supposed to represent my family –if you look carefully you will see that the mummy owl has her eyes open while the rest of the family sleep. A private joke about the fact that I take care of everyone while they daydream (or I think I do, I’m sure my husband would see things differently).

Editor’s pick: we love Poco Nido’s tribute to their hometown with this map of Sheffield baby blanket.