Boutique Focus: Sand and Seagulls

Go ahead and accuse us of California dreamin… Well, browsing holiday sites at any rate! Somewhere along the line we discovered the charming jewellery boutique Sand and Seagulls and we were enchanted.

We caught up with Zoe Payne (who runs the company with partner Ash) for a chat about chips, beach weddings and being beside the seaside…


SM: How did Sand and Seagulls come about?

Zoe: Sand and Seagulls was formed in July 2013 by Zoe and Ash Payne. We have lived by the seaside all our lives and so have a real love of the beach. So much so, in August 2010 when we got married we had a seaside themed wedding with all things beachy from a VW camper to a fish & chips evening buffet!

When Rudy, our eldest son, came along in December 2012 this gave Zoe the opportunity and idea (in-between naps and nappy changes!) to get creative again. In the evenings after work Ash learnt how to make a website, so we put our new found skills together and created Sand and Seagulls. Why Sand and Seagulls? – Because they’re the things we love about the seaside, and Rudy shares this too as he loves to watch the seagulls!

Now on maternity leave again with the latest addition to our family, Felix, who knows what the future may hold.

SM: Which are your bestselling items?

Zoe: My most popular necklaces are my Sandcastle necklace and my Silver Star necklace .

My Anchors Away cufflinks (below right) are also proving to be very popular at the moment…

SM: And which do your own family like the best?

Zoe: Most of my female family members have my Just Beachy Bracelet  (below) and I especially like this one too as it was one of my first Sand and Seagulls pieces. 

SM: What have been your biggest challenges, running a family and a business?

Zoe: Time!! I want to give my children all of me and the best of me but sometimes I have to stay behind at home while Daddy takes them out for an afternoon of fun or try and finish an order or two while CBeebies is on!! It’s all about the bigger picture though and I wouldn’t change a thing. 
SM: And what has been your proudest moment?

Zoe: In Summer 2015 I was approached to make some bespoke necklaces for a lady’s three bridesmaids. I was nervous and excited at the same time and they turned out perfectly! I was so proud when a few weeks after the wedding I was sent a wedding photograph of the bridesmaids wearing my necklaces; felt to proud and honoured.
SM: What’s on your moodboard right now?

Zoe: Ideas, Ideas and more ideas! I want to take Sand and Seagulls to the next level in 2016 so I’m throwing lots of different ideas out there… All seaside themed of course!
SM: And finally… what’s your favourite thing about the seaside? 

Zoe: I love the roar and the crash of the waves; I could sit and watch them for hours!

Editor’s pick: we love the Summer Life rings in heavenly green Amazonite…

Perfect for a Boho-beach outfit (just add flip flops and a long kaftan.)

Browse the collection at Sand and Seagulls.

Images courtesy of Sand and Seagulls.