Buggy Love: Joie Litetrax 4 and Britax Affinity 2

If you’ve seen the Buggy Love feature in the print issue you’ll know we tested the Joie Litetrax 4 and the Britax Affinity 2.

Testers said:

The Britax Affinity 2 is a brilliant birth-to-preschool solution, with the option of a bassinet or a seat which can be parent or world facing. The whole thing is super-intuitive to assemble, fold, recline – and it handles like a dream (even for my 6ft-something other half!) Enough shopping space to hold big stuff (packs of nappies, washing powder or boxes of wine, perhaps?) We tested the Flame Red colourway – it’s the same shade as Lulu Guinness’ red lips clutch (hint, hint husbands reading this!) Overall a fab option for power walking through your daily errands and it will last a buggy-lifetime…”

The Joie Litetrax 4 is a great value super sporty run-around. We adore the snazzy one handed folding mechanism; it makes the difference between taking public transport or not and the buggy also fits into a tiny car boot when folded. Cute touches include the holder for coffee/sippy cups/keys/phone – and the fact that you manoeuvre it one handed whilst chatting or enjoying your latte. The huge hood keeps off the sun without a muslin and you barely need to get the raincover out. My toddler loves the Litetrax so much he gives it a little pat when he climbs in…”