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Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags – now half price at Amazon and Ocado

Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags are not only super practical (and of course MMHA15 winners) but they are also half price at the moment at Amazon and Ocado.

Nappy Grab bag 1 to 6 (2)

So go and er… grab yourself a bargain!

They have also just won Gold in the childcare category of the Practical Preschool awards – this means the testers scored them 90% or above! Congrats guys!

aden + anais launch new range of layettes – the first muslin clothing range in the world

One of our hero brands (and MMHA15 winners) aden + anais have unveiled their new collection of layettes, the first in the world to be made from 100% muslin.

In the designs you know and love (starburst, hearts, blazer stripe) and the super soft (gets softer with each wash and snuggle) all natural muslin fabric, the range includes a selection of body suits, tunic tops and bottoms and is available in sizes 0-3m thru 9-12m inclusive.

Order online or find stockists here.


Shop our picks from the Lilly and Sid AW15 collection

As a MMHA15 Winner, it goes without saying that we adore the great designs, ‘built for playing’ durability and comfort of the Lilly and Sid range. Witty, quintessentially English – and with fantastic attention to detail (part of what has won them countless design awards to date), Lilly and Sid just seem to get better and better.

Here’s our pick of their new collection…

Zippy Monster Sweat: what little boy won’t be enthralled by this monster, with a pocket for a mouth… Feed him a daily diet of sticks and snails…

Dolls House dress: this girlie (but not awfully so) two piece will inspire little imaginations as they ponder who lives in these quirky applique houses.

London Jam blanket: honk honk goes the traffic, but Zzzzz goes the coolest, cosiest baby in town…

Dress Circle insert dress: perfect for booty-shaking and easier to wash than a tutu. We wish they made these for big girls too…

Panda Knit sweater: supersoft Happy Panda is in the boys’ range but we think little ladies will love it too…

Order online from

More places to buy #MMHA winning Becky Mantin Nappy Grab Bags

As you know, we adore these clever little disposable changing bags from Becky Mantin – ideal for taking to the park, chucking in the car – they’ll even fit in your pocket – for a quick change.

And now the list of stockists has been extended to include Amazon, WholeFoods, Tree of Life and more – for the full list go here.

PS they are on offer via Amazon Prime (and you’ll get free delivery too).

Calm and hydrate with Adam + Eve perfecting serum

Next week is ‘De-Stress Week’ on our site and we’ll be rounding up the best ways to relax, chill out and generally rise above the Summer holiday tantrums, traffic jams and supermarket queues that contribute to headaches, grey hairs and wrinkles.

So – as a little preview – check out Adam + Eve’s ‘Perfecting Serum for Her’ as a luxe natural way to calm sensitive, stressed out skin and keep blemishes at bay. Adam + Eve were one of this year’s #MMHA winners and the range is ideal for teenage skin (or acne sufferers of any age).


The Perfecting Serum combines the soothing, calming effects of anti-inflammatories calendula and chamomile with powerful antioxidants green tea and goji berry. Vitamins B, C and E help to condition, protect and repair skin and ginseng and lady thistle to detoxify and balance.

Sing the blues… the AW15 Pacapod Preview


As a recent #MMHA winner, we squealed when we got sent a sneak preview of the new Pacapod range.

The practical and stylish ‘pod’ system – which really will change your life as well as the way you think about a changing bag – comes in all sorts of bang-on-trend styles including grab bags, knapsacks or dad-friendly messengers and this A/W blue seems to be the hue!

From denim to azure, there’s a shade to suit every parent – take a look:

Idaho marine (pictured below) pretty up your pram with this timeless slouchy hobo. Lightweight construction, flat pack pods and an alluring new shade make it perfect for busy family days spent on the beach, or every day mummy duties. Price £70.

Oban denim is a pioneering messenger bag that adapts in seconds to a backpack for the ultimate in versatility and adaptability. Great for travelling with tots, multi-tasking on the move and dads will love it too. Price £80.

Napier fossil adorn your arm with this classic clutch tote with a stunning new print inspired by nature. It’s perfectly casual, yet chic and the wipeable cotton coated canvas mean that it’s practical too – so no need to worry about rogue spillages! Price £85.

Available now to pre-order for delivery in August from or call 0844 351 0222

Idaho Marine - Front Facing (2)

Announcing the Winners of the 2015 #MMHA

Congratulations – the final ten winners and our Mummy Must Haves are below. Thanks to everyone who voted, including our celeb judges, we think this is a fantastic selection.


In no particular order, the #MMHA go to:

Microscooters 3-in-1 – so well designed, gets little ones active and they love them!


Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bag – super practical, Becky has thought of everything with this product.

Nappy Grab bag 1 to 6 (2)

Pacapod Sequoia Changing Bag – the ultimate changing bag that doubles up as a gorgeous handbag.

Sequoia Linen - Inc Pods (2)

Lilly and Sid Sunsafe Suit – safe, stylish and beautifully made.

nohs zebra jo 2

KoziKidz Rainsuit – rain won’t stop play with these…

koz kidz rain wear

LittleLife Snuggle Pod – be the cutest at the sleepover with this penguin pal.


Merino Kids Go-Go Bag – not to hot, not too cold and great for settling wriggly sleepers.

merino kids go go bag

Aden + Anais Musy Mate – part comforter, part burp cloth, part spill mop, Musy Mate gets softer the more he is washed too.

musy mate

Adam + Eve Teenage Skincare Range – at last, a natural range for teens that soothes troubled skin and looks chic in the bathroom cabinet to boot.

EVE 3 Step System full range (2)

Sago’s Mini Road Trip – from the preschool app makers, this one inspires little minds.

sago mini road trip

A week in the life of a Pacapod Sequoia Bag

We know what clever bags Pacapod make: with their bespoke ‘pods’ that mean all your wipes, nappies, bottles, muslins, snack packs and that little snuggly toy your little one can’t do without this week are all easy to find and don’t spill out whilst you’re struggling to find said toy whilst balancing a stroller and pacifing a toddler on the bus…

Sequoia Linen - Inc Pods (2)

But the Sequoia is not only the best changing bag you’ll ever own (did we mention the clever elastic strap for your keys, the cunning side pockets that keep your smartphone separate from yogurt explosions and the foldaway changing mat?) it also doubles up as a handbag!

So- we decided to put it to the test. Not on a playdate – in fact not as a changing bag at all – we decided to ditch the Bayswater for a week and see how the Sequoia performs as arm candy.

Our SM tester writes:

Day one: I shall preface this review by saying on the first day I *did* actually use the bag as a changing bag – we were invited to a BBQ hosted by a fabulous gay couple in their beautiful East London home. My children took all of 30 seconds to dive straight into their gigantic and pristine paddling pool – and the hosts gawped with horror as my eldest completely ignored the neat pile of laundered white fluffy towels and ran straight into said lovely home with muddy, grassy footprints and soggy clothes. Quick as a flash though, I was able to grab an oversized muslin from my bag to dry him off – whilst standing him on the foldout changing mat – then mopped the floor and put his wet clothes into the drawstring bag cunningly concealed in the Sequoia also. But the real ‘ta-dah’ moment was when the host came over, handed me a glass of champers and said ‘gorgeous bag!’.

Day two: off to work and I am due at a press day at the St Martin’s Lane hotel. Out come the changing pods and in go a pair of heels (so I can swap my flat shoes outside and pretend I was wearing them all along) a rolled up jacket (the weather just couldn’t make its mind up and neither could I), iPad and my make up bag (I’m a self-confessed school run slap-application junkie). The Sequoia actually has two main compartments so it’s really easy to keep your pens, lippies, purse etc away from all the children’s clobber and the zipped compartments at the sides are genius because at press days you always find yourself fumbling around for business cards – only to find your last one has a wine gum stuck to it… Impressively too, the Sequoia is also roomy enough to stash all the goodies from the press day and zip closed, plus the wide shoulder strap makes it super comfortable to carry.


Day three: I’m due to meet a friend who is shopping for a dress for a wedding. So it’s off to Westfield we go – again, I’ll confess, my youngest is in a buggy with me so I do have a changing pod in there. We’ve watched her wriggle in and out of a couple of thousand micro mini dresses and made ego boosting noises as she asks ‘,do you think this one will upstage the bride?’ before my son decides it’s snack time. Not having packed anything (I know, I know) we pop in to M&S and there’s one of those ‘buy six items from the deli for the price of five’ offers that I always fall for. Great: we now have a bag loaded up with olives and antipasti and I’m not even worrying about anything leaking into my bag because it’s wipe clean. My friend finally emerges from a store armed with a dress… ‘Now I just need a nice bag,’ she says ‘,where’s yours from..?’

Day four: I’m invited to drinks at the rooftop bar of the Courthouse Hotel. ‘Can I put my bits in your handbag?’ asks my vain other half ‘,so I don’t spoil the line of my jacket…’ Handbag – he called it a handbag! The Sequoia bag comes in a choice of colours – the one I have is a gorgeous creamy white and the pattern is a subtle jewel textured weave. ‘It’s like those vintage Mulberry shoppers,’ my glamorous fashion blogger chum coos…


Day five: Heading into the office (with a slight hangover) happy to discover that I’ve stashed some paracetamol in the clever side pocket safe in the knowledge that none of the kids have figured it out yet. And I also have my husband’s cufflinks because he took them off and popped them into one of the tiny inner pockets usually reserved for my Carmex plus two pairs of sunglasses because I’d forgotten that one pair were neatly stored in another one of those inner pockets… And somewhere along the way home last night we seemingly bought some Heston’s Salted Caramel Popcorn.

Smugly though, I have also packed my own lunch today (well, leftover pizza that last night’s babysitter didn’t feed the kids – they bullied her into giving them ice cream) and a bottle of Diet Coke which, thanks to the Sequoia’s rigid base, I can keep upright.

So – after a week of outings I’ve really grown to love the Sequoia as a handbag. It’s practical, roomy and at a moment’s notice can revert to it’s ‘day job’ of being a changing bag again. One of the inner pods also doubles up as a mini backpack so is ideal if you have a baby and an older child plus the key strap is robust enough for car keys as well as door ones and quick to release. Pacapod’s trademark clip straps mean you can attach it to a buggy, or clip other bags to the Sequoia (useful if you have one of Pacapod’s toy pods) – plus you can carry it with the shoulder strap or like a tote.

(I couldn’t resist this extraneous bag selfie…)


And would I swap it for my Bayswater? I shall probably go to fashionista hell for saying so, but I think I will. Probably. Definitely. I think so…

 VOTE for the Pacapod Sequoia in the #MMHA 2015