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How we do detox

Juice cleanses, sweaty Soul Cycle classes and enemas: no thanks. Our kind of workout tends to involve running up and down the stairs to coax the homework-shy, or shimmying ’round the toys scattered on the living room floor – and our kind of detox is a slice of cucumber in our Friday G&T…

We’d sooner have lovely products that make us feel clean and healthy, look slimmer and glow from within with minimum effort and great results.

We’re loving:

  • Plump up the volume of your skin with a  proto-col skincare regimen : designed by modern Pentathelete James Greenwell, this uses hydrolysed collagen to regenerate and smooth skin cells for an overall youthful glow and appearance and comes in space-age-chic packaging.                                             
  • Dose up on Bodyism’s Clean and Lean supplements: Bodyism’s Omega Brilliance capsules contain a highly concentrated dose of fatty acids found in raw Fish Oil. This wonder ingredient is a natural anti-inflammatory, which assists the body with accessing fat stores and reducing sugar cravings, as well as supporting the brain, joints, heart and immune system.
  • Say Abracadabra with Kiehl’s Magic Elixir hair conditioning lotion: The formula is a blend of Rosemary leaf oil, Avocado oil and Safflower seed oil, plus Aloe, known to for its soothing properties. Hair is left feeling immediately softened and moisturized for a beautiful looking shine.
  • Banish the blues with this yellow velvet robe from Aqua di Parma: feel like you’re relaxing at a Balinese spa with this sunshine coloured robe made from softest terrycloth…



Teenage fragrances we love

As teens, finding a signature scent was so easy – we just wore what everyone else did! But there are certainly some smells that we now gloss over because they remind us of dorms, locker rooms, Saturday night discos and bedroom karaoke…

But we thought we’d give teen perfume a little bit of revivalist airtime and we’re drawing little hearts around the following:

  • Obsession by Calvin Klein – launched in 1985 this Amber scent would have withstood a nuclear war it was so longlasting…
  • Revlon Charlie – heady with hyacinth, this one was cheap as chips and masked many a ’70s fag break.    
  • Dior Poison – this bad gal balsamic in the elegant bottle that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the dressing table of the evil Queen in Snow White…    
  • Anais Anais by Cacherel – this super girlie lily and jasmine scent was Cacherel’s first foray into perfume and named after thegoddess of love…                     
  • White Musk by The Body Shop: a soft, cuddly, innocent smell that was applied with a plastic stick inside the lid. The big sister to the slightly scarier Dewberry.                                     

The right red lippy…

Red lipstick not only maketh an outfit but also maketh a make up bag. If you put a gun to the head of most modern women and said they could only take one beauty item on holiday/to Mars/in a really teeny tiny purse – well, let’s face it, it wouldn’t be a loofah.

But the right red… Hmmm, what a conundrum.

The Robert Jones Make Up School handilly posted this vid showing how to use a colour wheel to balance your make up choices and your skintone…

Or you could download a colourwheel App from the Apple Store

Our tips:

Warm skin (tanned, olive) – try Mac’s ‘Good to Go’ which is an orangey matte

Pale skin – try the cherry hues of Chanel Rouge Coco Hydrating Crème Lip Colour in Paris

Dark skin – try the deep and sultry Rouge Basque from Nars

Five Little Miracles

Beauty products to say ‘coochi-coo’ to:

  •  Dior Capture Totale Dream Skin (£90 from Sephora): works like a moisturiser, foundation, BB cream, wrinkle zapper and brightener all in one and smells divine thanks to its powerful plant and flower extracts. This one shows sleepless nights who is boss and thankfully a little goes a long way…

  •  Serge Lutens Tuberose Criminalle: often thought of as the most seductive of florals, tuberose smells elegant yet old-worldly in this fragrance. With notes of orange blossom, vanilla and jasmine, this one lasts for ages and is just a little bit naughty and spicy. Get it online from

  •  Weleda Skin Food (£8.95 from stockists): Mrs Beckham apparently rubs this into her tootsies after a hard day’s high heel wearing and (newer Mummy) Adele slaps it on when her stage make up comes off. The soothing blend of pansy, rosemary, chamomile, orange and lavender is suitable for vegetarians and does a pretty good job on stretch marks too!

  •  Rimmel Lash Accelerator (£7.99 from Boots): lengthens, blackens and actually grows your lashes by 17% after 30 days of use. Errr, yes please!

  •  Bobbi Brown Lipstick Shimmer Finish (£19.00 from stockists): lipbalm + light reflecting pigments + wearable shades leave your lips hydrated, treated, plumped up – and gloriously grown up groomed. We love Ballerina Shimmer (a pale pink shade) and Calypso Shimmer (orangey peach, great with a bit of tan)