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Talking to kids about terror…

image: CBS

The NSPCC has now published advice to help parents talk to their children about terrorism.

1. Listen carefully to a child’s fears and worries

It’s crucial to make sure their concerns are heard and not dismissed – once you know what they’re worried about, you can understand.

Acknowledge their fears instead of making them feel silly for being afraid.

2. Offer reassurance and comfort 

The NSPCC advises avoiding complicated and worrying explanations that could leave children more frightened and confused – instead, reassure and comfort them.

It’s important to remind children that they’re safe and surrounded by security.

3. Help them find advice and support 

Children can find it easier to understand distressing events and feelings by talking to services such as Childline, which is free, confidential and available 24/7.

Siobhan Freegard, founder of Channel Mum agrees it is important to approach the topic in an age appropriate manner.

“Talking to your children about terrorism is a horrible job, but a necessary one in the modern world and how you tackle it depends very much on their age,” 

“Very small kids really don’t need an in-depth explanation as they won’t be able to fully understand and it will only frighten them further. If you really need to say something, explain some people have ‘been very naughty and will get told off for it.’

Scamp and Dude dino sleep buddy

A quick ’round up of additional tips from some of our contributors:

‘Don’t make this a topic pre-bedtime, unless you want nightmares…’

‘Younger kids can understand the concept of good guys and bad guys, which might be useful here…’

‘Encourage them to make a gesture if they want to; from writing a poem or drawing a picture to lighting a candle…’

Need an extra cuddle at night? Check out Scamp and Dude’s Sleep Buddies, with a pocket for a picture of a loved one. For every Superhero Sleep Buddy sold another is donated to a vulnerable child via our chosen charities Don’t Forget the Kids, Grief Encounter and the leading London children’s hospital.

Pre-order your Pearl Lowe x Selfish Mother kids’ capes from The FMLY store and support Tommy’s

Some collabs are just made in heaven (or in this case, in Somerset – possibly over some of the free flowing prosecco in the Bruton FMLY store…)

All the stylists we use here at Slick Mummy have been going crazy for Pearl Lowe’s Petite range – with its distinctive circus prints and sequins – and there’s always an editorial meeting here when at least two of us turn up in the same Selfish Mother sweatshirt (they are just soooo comfy!)

So we were thrilled when one of our fave PR’s told us that Pearl and Mollie Gunn were collaborating on a range of kids’ capes, sold through The FMLY store with £10 from the sale of each going to support the wonderful Tommy’s charity (which does so much more than just help those affected by miscarriage and premature births).

As these capes are just £60 (vs the £275 price tag of the Petite Pearl Lowe capes) we expect they will ‘fly’ off the shelves – so pre order now to avoid a tearful would-be superhero situation…

They come in pink, blue, green and red (and we won’t just you if you order one for yourself too…).

Pre Order Cape, Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly…

GAP Celebrates Motherhood with the Launch of ‘Mama Said’ Film Starring and Co-Directed by Liv Tyler

We are loving the super cool (and super cute) ‘Mama Said’ campaign video, co-directed by Liv Tyler for GAP  – and in support of Every Mother Counts.

Liv also stars in the film, along with her children Sailor and Lula and fellow parent pals Coco Rocha, Candice Swanepoel, Ali and Cass Bird and Jurnee Smollett Bell.

Their respective children obviously wear GAP Kids – but how adorable is 9 month old Lula’s red and white romper outfit?

All too often we don’t stop to take a moment to embrace motherhood and celebrate it (how many of us have already complained to a friend today about a sleepless night or moaned about the cookie crumbs on the sofa? #Guilty) – Liv’s message about the joy and optimism of being a mother is really sweet and simple.

“I often think of the things my grandmother and my mother have been telling me my whole life. Remembering what your ‘mama said’ as a child and growing up is very important. I often try to think of things that I can say to my children in a way that they can hear me the same way I heard my mom,” (Liv Tyler)

Every Mother Counts campaigns to improve access to comprehensive maternity care in the effort to make childbirth safer in Haiti, Uganda, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Nepal, Syria and the United States.To make a donation go here.

Frank Water and the Global WASH Crisis

Frank Water works to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in India and Nepal. Since 2005, through the sales of their bottled water – of which 100% of the profits are invested into their charity work – Frank has funded safe water for 330,000 people in over 300 communities.

Their significant work is alas only the tip of the iceberg as 1 in 10 people in the world currently have no safe water and 1 in 3 have no toilet.

image: Frank Water

As well as seeing their bottles in stores, you might have also come across Frank’s ingenious water Freefill stations at festivals like Shambala and Cornbury; the concept is that you buy one of their refillable bottles and then can have a free supply of clean, cooled water for the festival duration (a godsend if you are at the event with children, and the bottles are really durable too…) Again, the profits from this are ploughed back into research and clean water supply.

If you’re stuck for a gift idea, Frank have some imaginative (and affordable) ones that even young children will engage with; for example £48 will buy a rainwater harvester, allowing a family in the slums of Islam Nagar to take control of their own water supply, instead of relying on the polluted river or expensive ‘water touts’. Explaining to a child that – for example – instead of sending Christmas cards this year you are opting to change a family’s lives in this way is a lot simpler than trying to put into context why someone stops Mummy outside the supermarket asking for a £2 per month direct debit…

image: MAHI

If you’d prefer to support Frank Water’s work with an elegant style piece, we have fallen in love with the understated craftsmanship of MAHI’s unisex leather satchels and holdalls, which are handmade in India. From the sale of each, $1.50 is donated to Frank.

Find out more about Frank Water and their work here.

Cookies and Milk? Medela announces the Big Breastfeeding Cafe 2017

image: Pea Pod

The Big Breastfeeding Café, led by breastfeeding brand Medela, is back for its second year! The hugely successful celebration of breastfeeding is set to engage the nation once again as families join together to chat all things breastfeeding, share experiences and support each other over a cuppa!

The world’s leading breastfeeding brand, Medela, is calling on mums (and dads) to join the fun on Tuesday 16th May, by hosting a Breastfeeding Café in the comfort of home for family, friends and local mums. With more than 500 mums joining together and over 40 cafes held last year across the UK including Yorkshire, Norfolk, Nottingham and London, the brand is hoping to bring more mums together and make this the biggest ever Breastfeeding Café!

The Big Breastfeeding Café was a campaign inspired by a survey, which found that a significant 76% of mums believed chatting with other mums at support groups helped to support their feeding journey. This, teamed with the continued success of its weekly Breastfeeding Café on social media, led to the brand taking the concept on the road, actively reaching out to the parenting community and promoting the importance of essential mum to mum support.

The team at Medela are passionate about supporting all breastfeeding mums, whether they are exclusively breastfeeding, expressing or a combination of both. This year’s Big Breastfeeding Café will mark yet another stride in not only encouraging breastfeeding talk amongst mums, but also increasing the awareness of breastfeeding within society.

Medela UK’s Education Manager and in-house Lactation Consultant, Sioned Hilton Commented “Breastfeeding has been proven again and again to be the best way to feed baby. However, although a part of human nature, it is not always as easy as first thought and can be challenging. Having a supportive, reassuring and caring network around you is vital, if not essential to a successful breastfeeding journey. Chatting with other breastfeeding mums specifically, is a brilliant way to get advice and learn some new tips from those who have experienced breastfeeding and expressing first hand.”

She continued “We’re so looking forward to The Big Breastfeeding Café 2017. We hope that mums across the UK will once again join us to celebrate breastfeeding and vital mum to mum support. After all, what a fantastic excuse to get together and make some new mummy friends, while chatting all things feeding over some much deserved tea and cake!”  

Medela will provide mums with a complete package enabling them to host their very own Breastfeeding Café in the comfort of home. The Big Breastfeeding Café packs will include a handy breastfeeding guide featuring expert advice from in-house Lactation Consultant Sioned Hilton, Medela samples, posters, invitations and of course, tea and biscuits!

To sign up for a Big Breastfeeding Café pack, mums simply need to register their interest by emailing

UNICEF release #EarlyMomentsMatter video for International Women’s Day

For International Women’s Day, UNICEF is releasing a beautiful and emotional new video to honor an everyday hero. The video features the story of an inspirational great-grandmother from Cayo, Belize who has returned to parenthood once again to become the primary caregiver of her four-year-old great-granddaughter Allizon, where she is doing everything she can to provide an enriching and loving environment for her to grow up in.

The video forms part of UNICEF’s #EarlyMomentsMatter campaign, which aims to drive increased understanding of how children’s early experiences can help influence brain development.

Keep your kids warm and help refugees with Smalls’ National Woolly Vest Week

If you haven’t yet discovered the miracle of merino base layers, then chances are you haven’t discovered the miracle of being able to send your kids out in all weathers without complaint.

Merino wool is not only lightweight and gentle on the skin, but it regulates body temperature and allows skin to breathe – meaning toasty warm kids in the Winter, but as they don’t sweat, you don’t need to wash merino items as frequently.

Smalls – makers of wonderful merino base layers for little ones – have teamed up with High Wycombe Helping Others to create National Woolly Vest Week (23-29th Jan) encouraging parents to wrap up kids and help others.

For every two vests purchased from Smalls, they will donate a free one to refugees in Syria, Lebanon and Greece.

Emma-Jane Adam, Co-Founder of Smalls explains, This is one of the coldest times of the year in the UK and we believe that it’s really important to wrap our kids up warm so they can focus on important things like having fun. As we all know, there are unfortunately millions of children around the world, particularly refugees, who simply don’t have the same luxuries that we take for granted everyday. We therefore really wanted to support High Wycombe Helping Others this National Woolly Vest Week because of the amazing, valuable work that they’re doing to help refugees around the world”.

Find out more at Love My Smalls.

Lovely Little Things: Super Mum sweatshirt from #SelfishMother FMLY Store

Celebrate the one who orders you out of bed in the morning, leaves you at the school gates with a soggy piece of toast and won’t let you get your ears pierced ’til you’re 16…

Just kidding, we’re big fans of Selfish Mother and their range of wearable tees and sweats (which let’s not forget do lots of good too – £218K so far to women’s charities!)

Order today and don’t just save the appreciation for Mothers’ Day.