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#SMSleepWeek: Tossing and Turning

Whilst deadlines, arguments and the odd late night text might keep us from a good night’s sleep, two common problems for little ones are wetness and itching.

On a teenage camping trip once I recall rolling out of the tent and ending up in a puddle, whilst still asleep (don’t laugh). This was about the most uncomfortable night of my life but it is presumably what it feels like for a tot in nappies every single night time.

For most of us SM’s, Pampers Baby Dry  are a lifesaver as their micro pearls absorb wetness and draw it away from the skin, but one little tip we’ve loved and shared is to go up a size or two for a few extra hours dryness and sleep…Pampers recently teamed up with Sleep Expert Jo Tantum for their Love, Sleep and Play campaign.

If your tiny one suffers from dry skin, eczema, psoriais or the like then itching at night can be a real problem. Natural, breathable fibres for rompers and blankies (such as bamboo, organic cotton, merino, cashmere) are essential for maximum softness but topical help is at hand from Hope’s Relief – a range of theraputic products containing hospital grade Manuka honey, Calendula, Aloe Vera, Liquorice root and much more to soothe and repair damaged skin and aid rest. Available in the UK from

#SMSleepWeek: Fresh Air and Lavender

Sleeping outdoors in a buggy – no matter what the weather – has been commonplace for Under 3’s in Scandinavia for almost a century. The principle of ‘Nordic Napping’ is that not only does the fresh air (and at -15 degrees it really is fresh!) help prevent coughs and colds but also that the children sleep for longer al fresco.

At most Scandinavian pre-schools you will see lines of strollers outside in the snow at nap time – although they do wrap up the strollers as well as the children.

Martin Jarnstrom, head of one of the Ur och Skur group of pre-schools , emphasises “,It’s very important that the children have wool closest to their body, warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag,” he says.

Planning to give this one a try? Our pick of the cosy stroller muffs and outdoor sleep-wear is below:

Be an urban penguin with these triple layered sleeping bags from Voksi. Waterproof, windproof, provides a sun shade and made from hypoallergenic materials.

Count little fluffy lambs as you slumber with the Woolibaloo sheepskin universal cocoon muff, available in charcoal, pink or red… So substantial you could use it on the lawn without a buggy (but keep an eye out as little ones do roll!)

Match stripey pyjamas with the adorable seaside stripe of the Duvet Weight Go-Go Bag from Merino Kids, with a double layer of organic cotton outer and a pure merino wool inner, this one is warm but prevents clamminess. Great for camping trips too as Merino Kids make them in up-to-four-years sizes.

For double impact, if you have lavender plants in your garden, try putting the little ones nearby for a nap. Lavender is said to increase slow-wave sleep, the deep slumber whereby the muscles fully relax and thus you will awake more refreshed. Not so green fingered? Cheat by rubbing a little of Purepotions Lavender Rescue Salve onto your child’s temples – it comes in a dinky pot and it super gentle, safe for even the most delicate skins.

Editor’s Tip: Tire them out Scandinavian style good and proper with some amazing outdoor Winter adventure holidays from Nature Travels – including dog sledding to see the Northern Lights!

#NationalSleepAwarenessWeek #SMSleepWeek

This week we’ll be focusing on that blissful perk of parenthood: SLEEP.

From great products and tips to get the tiny ones forty winks (and a few to get you – well, let’s say say four winks…) to real mum reviews and expert opinions. Sleep is precious and achieving it is golden.

Please do share our news and any thoughts of your own on our twitter feed @SlickMummy

Image: Curing Snore

Teen idols we *heart*… Lynda Day in Press Gang

Back in the early 90s nobody rocked a boyfriend cardigan like Julia Sawalha as editor Lynda Day in Press Gang. In a much more ‘fashion forward’ role than her latter-day Saffron in AbFab (although arguably rocking a similar look in a different context!) Lynda was feisty, frizzy and had an on/off frizzante with Dexter Fletcher…

Editor’s tip: we adore the Marino Car Coat from Baukjen for a modern update on the oversized cardy…

Is good sex making us conceive more boys?

One of our SM team said the other day ‘Is it just me or does everyone seem to be having boys at the moment..?’

I’m sure the big pendulum maintaining ‘the grand scheme of things’ is still dressed more or less to the 50/50 centre – but we do seem to be buying more blue baby shower gift baskets these days… hmmmm.

Rewind a few years (4 to be precise) when uber-SM Victoria Beckham finally delivered a daughter – there was much talk at dinner parties of the 1940s Shettles Method for ‘choosing’ the gender of one’s children. Essentially this suggests that diet, sexual position and timing of sex had a quantifiable effect in terms of gender prediction. And this leads us to wonder (and banter) – if there is any truth in his theory – whether ‘modern women’ are just more likely to conceive boys.

Shettles’ basic principles included:

For a girl; have sex in the missionary position (or another shallow penetration one) and female orgasms are a huge no-no. One Big-O and the vagina releases ‘sperm friendly’ fluid which would allow the Y (male) sperm to swim faster to the egg.  So if you’ve tried out something from Cosmo or lived out your Mr Grey fantasy you’ll be having a son.

Avoid caffeine: no lattes or perk-me-up energy drinks (with or without vodka!) for girlmaking – Starbucks junkies will be making boys.

Keep the vagina acidic for a girl and alkaline for a boy (yep, we weren’t sure how you measure this either, apparently you can get a kit in Boots or on Amazon). Berries, kale, almonds, tofu are all alkaline – as too are steak and chips. Dairy and wheat are acidic  so if you’ve cut these out you’ll be growing a little gent, says the theory. Food for thought, maybe…

Editor’s tip: if none of the above sounds like you, but you still ended up with a blue baby boo then maybe it’s because you married a billionaire. A study by Forbes showed more male heirs born to those who inherited fortune *yet not to self made billionaires, randomly…




Get in the Valentine’s mood with the Tanqueray Rouge, made rosy pink with pomegranate juice.


1.25 oz. gin (recommended: Tanqueray London Dry)
1 oz. simple syrup
.75 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 oz. pomegranate juice
1 spiral lemon peel


  1. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add the gin, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice, and pomegranate juice.
  2. Shake well and strain into a chilled martini glass.
  3. Garnish with lemon peel spiral.

Makes 1 drink.

Teen Idols we heart: Taylor Swift

From grunge to glamour;  glistening in full length Gucci at the Grammys to beanies and sweats with Harry Styles, what we adore most about Ms Swift is her trademark red lippy, which she seems to wear – no matter what the occassion – to pull together her look.

We’d say her morning make up routine is, erm… swift!

Get the look: Taylor uses Nars Matte Velvet lip pencil in ‘Dragon Girl’ but we love the more wearable Clinique Chubby Stick in ‘Two Ton Tomato’ for a moisturising day wear.

Teen Idols we heart: Molly Ringwald

She was an 80s Jayne Mansfield with her ice-cream-pink bucket hat and vintage car in ‘Pretty in Pink’ but our SM crush moment was when she did ‘the lipstick thing’ in Brat Pack uber movie ‘The Breakfast Club’

Now a Slick Mummy herself to Mathilda, Adele and Roman here’s hoping she still utilises that special talent; maybe to tear the top off a Frube or a cheese string…?

Get the look: rock the redhead vibe with Garnier Olia Intense Copper

Teen Idols we heart: Blair Waldorf

Whilst Gossip Girl might have finished with a fistbump to queen-of-the-romapthon Serena (and we do love her ‘just got out of bed’ hair’) our Slick Mummy icon was always, always Blair.

From the red lipgloss of the pilot to the perfect hostess skills at her many parties; from the entrapment of the prince to the low key wedding to badass Chuck Bass, we raise a gin martini to her style …

Get the beautiful headpiece look from Rosadior.

Five Little Miracles…

Whether the little ones have come down with the sniffles, or you’ve just got plain ole ‘knock em for six’ manflu, these should help to ease the pain and get us through Winter…