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SM reviews… Gifts from Personally Presented

Editor writes: “I struggle with gifts for my mother. Not only because she travels such a lot that her house is stuffed full of ‘curios‘ (ie tat!) from far-flung countries but also because she is prone to the dreaded ‘gift rehoming’ if something you’ve bought isn’t to her taste. In short: a nightmare! 

So when I was invited to check out Personally Presented – a website which is filled with lovely items which can all be personalised – I thought ‘heck, let’s start with the toughest cookie. 

The website allows you to search by person (ie Dad, Grandad etc) or by interest, occasion, gender – even by price if you’re doing Secret Santa. 

I started in the ‘foodie’ category of interests (cos even fuss-pots need to eat, right?) On the first search page, I spotted a lovely kids’ baking set with those hipster metal pails for ingredients and uber-cute engraved rolling pins. In short, an amazing gift for my kids, or any of their cousins, my godchildren or my kids’ friends. But not for their grandmother.

Next I spotted a really cute tray for dips, which my other half has been asking for since we were at a (child-free) friend’s house and they produced olives and nibbles on something similar. Snack envy, as it were. My mother would most likely just banish it to the back of the kitchen cupboard.

Then I saw a slate two-tiered cake stand, which I really coveted for myself. So many times I’ve presented cakes at mums meetups on the pop-up cardboard thing the bakery supplied and essentially have just ended up with soggy cardboard. This might have worked for my mother, except that she’s on some crazy no-sugar diet. #Whatever.

But then – the holy grail of gifts – I have literally never seen one of these anywhere before (and I’m sure my mother wouldn’t be able to say she could have got one cheaper in a streetmarket in Marrakech). What was this amazing thing? Well – a rolling pin. How is that so special? It could be personalised (in my case with the kids’ names) with inverted writing so that when you roll out pastry the message appears! Genius! And only 15quid with no extra charge for the engraving. 

I’d definitely go back to Personally Presented’s site (even for easier to shop for people!) – I do dabble with personalised gifts from Not On the High St but the product quality varies so much and I do find wading through all the options quite draining… “

Slick Mummy readers can get a 10% discount on all Personally Presented personalised gifts by using the code: slickmummy10

The code expires on 10/12/17



#MummyHacks: what to do if your sunscreen spray is slippery…

It seems like such a good idea when you’re standing in Boots – getting a sunscreen that comes in a spray, that is. Or, also for that matter moisturising dry oil spray, baby oil spray… the problem is the same: once you start spraying, your hands get oily and you can’t grip the bottle to keep going.

Cue all sorts of comedy angles as your bottle fires off haphazard spritzes and you try to position a body part in the firing line…

SM hack: the solution is really simple, put the bottle into a sock before you start, all the way up to the nozzle, which obviously you leave poking out… It gives you a decent grip to get on with the task!

#MummyHacks: what to do when your hands smell of poo…

OK, we have no shame – we’ve all been there, right? You’ve had to give your child a particularly ‘enthusiastic’ botty wipe and the offending brown (or green) matter ended up all over your hands. You’ve scrubbed with antibacterial soap, rubbed on some gel maybe… You can still smell it…

Fear not, here’s a great little #MummyHack:

SM writer shares: “to get rid of the poo smell just rub a slice of lemon over the offending area – super quick and it works on vomit odour or after chopping garlic and onions too …”

Just don’t use the lemon from your G&T… 😉