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School Run Superheroes

Little things that save you precious minutes in the mornings, when you’re trying to navigate unwilling scholars towards the front door.

Revlon’s Pro Collection Salon One Step Hairdryer and Volumiser is basically a bouncy blow out in 2 mins flat. Or – not flat – as it were! Dries and detangles, plus gives hair some oomph whilst protecting against heat damage. It’s relatively quiet, so the sounds of your kids’ demands for Weetabix are still audible whilst you are drying your hair, but it is also convincing as a fuzzy pink magic wand to wave and point in their direction whilst reminding them that they know where the kitchen is.

And on the subject of good hair days, Lee Stafford’s Air Dry cream is a wonder product that sets damp hair into waves, for a ‘groomed but undone’ sort of do. Use either in conjunction with your hairdryer or let your hair dry naturally.

Bryt Skincare’s Day Moisturiser packs a double whammy in that it moisturises and mattifies at the same time, meaning that you’re covered if that mad dash through the school gates as the bell is ringing would normally render you ‘shiny pored’.

And finally, Swish to Go might be one of the weirdest beauty ritual experiences, but it’s well worth a try. You pour the little sachet of minty granules onto your tongue, it dissolves into a liquid which you swallow and – hey presto – zingy fresh clean mouth. It is a bit like drinking toothpaste but if you slugged the last dregs of your lukewarm coffee as you left the house this is an instant breath reviver when the head of the PTA corners you in the playground for ‘a chat’ …

School Run Superheroes: No Thin Lips Lip Plumper from Know Cosmetics

SM Tester writes: No Thin Lips comes in a tube with a wand, It goes on clear like lipgloss and kind of tingles a bit (in a nice way). Despite being colourless it pinks up your lips as well as plumping them. I guess a bit like being spanked on the lip, but without the pain (or the social services implications).

The key ingredients are actually Aloe oil and Vitamin E; so, not botox at all, but the effect is undoubtedly thicker, fuller, poutier lips.

I’ve recently been trying out wearing just one item of make up on the school run (not just because time is precious, but because in the Winter when you’re a bit washed out, at 8.45am more than one thing can have a bit of a ‘drag queen’ effect – especially if it is raining!)

This lip plumper alone is great if you just want to have one item that still makes you look a bit ‘pulled together’. Of course, if you apply it over lippy then the effect is a lot more va-va-voom.

This brand has been making waves Stateside (and Sephora stock it) but you can now bag it in Superdrug.

Our picks for Walk to School Month (October)

Next month is Walk to School Month and with the days getting shorter, darker and colder, this campaign might be met with some resistance from your little troupe.

We have a few picks to help give them their marching orders…

Hippychick’s Scootilights clip on a scooter handle and lights them up to 300m – making them visible to traffic but also making the scooting experience more fun. Plus, they look like Gaston from Ben & Holly…

Hailing from Canada, the designers at shoe brand Kamik know a thing or two about keeping feet warm, dry and getting a good grip on icy roads. We love their SnoBuster boots which are 100% waterproof (no matter how many muddy puddles they hit) and super lightweight, with a warm insole and a drawstring at the top to keep school socks dry…

Your kids will be kings of the ugly bug ball with Rockin Baby’s bug print rain mac, which is fleece lined and has roomy pockets. Read all about Rockin Baby’s Child to Child giving policy here too – every purchase counts and does good!

School Run Superhero: Dead Sea Spa Magik BB and CC creams

Despite the witchy sounding name, Dead Sea Magik has been harnessing the power of Dead Sea minerals to create scrubs and moisturisers since the ’80s. We were intrigued to try the new BB and CC creams in the Diamond Range, which can be used together for a contouring effect.

Our SM tester writes: “So, my brief was to use these two products together to contour like a Kardashian. Only whilst on the school run. 

The BB cream is anti-ageing and comes loaded with vitamins C&E, as well as all the dead sea minerals and plant extracts, whilst the CC cream is super hydrating and adapts to skin tone. The CC cream was a darker ‘tan’ shade and the BB one ‘natural’ – so the idea here is that you could use them together to highlight and sculpt. 

I actually fell in love with the CC cream straight away – and I’ve never actually found one that really works for me or lives up to the hype- but this one just sinks right in, looks more ‘real’ than foundation and makes your skin look lovely. Whilst I wasn’t using it to create Amazonian cheekbones exactly, after a weekend in Europe wearing sunglasses it covered up my panda eyes a treat! 

The BB cream I originally thought would be much too light (after said mini break) but actually it’s great to dab under eyes or just generally dot all over for a bit of a perk-up. I have been applying both with just my fingers – they are very blendable and if you are a bit of a Klutz and use too much you can just dab it off with a tissue. 

I’ve got quite sensitive skin and these creams were a treat to wear. I remember as a teenager having friends ’round and we’d apply the black mud mask, then prank each other to go outside – but also remember that we’d end up with lovely clean, nurtured skin (it was a whizz for teenage hangovers too!)

The brand might not have changed much over the years in terms of packaging and you might still have to get it from Holland & Barrett but the new creams do make up for in delivering results what they might lack in snazzy packaging. 

Personally, I am going to use them throughout the summer (both are SPF15) and as for keeping up with the Kardashian trend, I’ll be content that my skin looks calm, elegant and unflustered at 8am.”

Order online from

School Run Superheroes: Dr PAW PAW ultimate red balm

Like the original balm, the Ultimate Red Balm is loaded with fermented paw paw; nature’s ‘do it all’ remedy with the really silly name. But it also has a rosy tint. Our tester put it to the school run challenge…

SM tester writes: the trouble with most tinted balms is that one shade doesn’t work for everything. I have tried and failed with everything from Benetint lip & cheek stain (have you ever tried putting this on in cold weather? It doesn’t blend at all and is a bit like scribbling red felt tip on your face…) to Nars The Multiple (‘Malibu’ shade made me look like a drag queen, ‘Orgasm’ made me look like Beach Barbie…) and as for the rumour that Kate Moss gets ready to go out by dabbing some Laura Mercier lippy on her eyelids and cheeks in the back of a cab… well – I tried that too. It snapped. #Fail. 

I’d already tried the original Dr PAW PAW – apparently it is great o nappy rash but I’d mostly used it as lip balm, cuticle cream (and once to sort out my eyebrows after a singeing incident trying to light a range oven with a match…) The only thing I’d ever fault about it would be that someone needs to invent a child lock as the tube looks exactly like a squeezy tube of paint…

The Ultimate Red balm  can be used on lips and cheeks. When you first apply it you think ‘gosh, that’s bright’ (mainly because it is 7.30am and you are so washed out…) but you can honestly just dab it on with fingers. It feels lovely (on your lips and cheeks) and it melts into skin to give a dewy but really polished red look. Think a lovely sort of NYC glossy red groomed Winona Ryder vibe. 

Because it’s a balm, you can keep  applying (it is quite addictive) but the intensified look isn’t clown-faced, it’s really rosy and pretty. And it doesn’t give you greasy cheeks either (yes, I’m talking to you Eight Hour Cream.)

Definitely one to keep handy on the car dashboard, by the sink or i your top drawer at work (at least, until they invent the child lock for the tube…)

School Run Superheroes

This week our tester tried The Jojoba Company’s 100% Natural Jojoba oil 

The lowdown: The Jojoba oil comes in a pump dispenser and a little goes a long way.

Jojoba nourishes and moisturises your skin, hair and nails. Suitable for all ages and skin types.

  • – Visibly smooths lines, wrinkles and stretch marks
  • – Soothes the skin
  • – Hair, scalp, hand and cuticle conditioner
  • – Visibly balances the skin

Our SM tester says: For me, growing up, it was Yasmin Le Bon. Her groomed, no make up make up, her shiny hair and that polished skin that was just – well -glossy; whether she was stepping off a yacht or out of Annabel’s. She just glowed in a way that the Kates and Caras (with their rock chick bleach jobs and their smeared lips) can’t hold a candle to.

Over the years I have tried to emulate Yasmin’s look with everything from 8 Hour Cream (too sticky) to coconut oil (too much like being a walking Bounty bar) but to no avail.

Last week I was sent The Jojoba Company’s 100% Natural Jojoba oil to trial and everything changed. Jojoba oil is similar to the skin’s own cells and easily absorbed, despite being oil. You can use it on dry patches, as hair conditioner, on cuticles… you name it.

I’ve been out in the son with my younger child as well as walking to school recently (what with the heatwave and all) and obviously any help against sun damage and wrinkles is appreciated too.

Each morning I have been using the oil as follows: one drop rubbed into my face before moisturiser, the residue rubbed into my hands, a drop run through my hair after the shower and a little bit on my dry elbows…The whole routine takes less than two minutes and it sinks in straight away. My face looks dewy, but not shiny, my nails have grown, my hair is slicked down with no frizzies.

I honestly can’t praise this product enough – and at £12.99 a bottle I will be ordering it by the van load. It’s one simple step towards looking like an 80s supermodel at the school gates – Result!

Available from 30ml £12.99, 85ml £19.99, for stockists please call: 01622859898 or visit

School Run Superheroes

This week our tester tried out Phytacol’s Phytaoil.

The lowdown: Phytaoil is made with rose hip oil and extract plus lavender, lime, geranium and Vitamins A and E to help heal stretch marks, treat dehydrated skin and treat scars. it comes in an easy to use spray bottle.

Our SM tester says: ‘OK, so my stretch marks aren’t actually ON display for the school run, but at the mega gruelling Pilates class I seem to have signed myself up for they most definitely ARE. And it isn’t pretty. When I was first asked to test this product I thought about taking a ‘before’ shot, but the sight was so horrible I decided against it. But three weeks later I wish I had because the really have nearly faded! The product is really easy to use, I just spray a bit on after the shower and rub it in, it’s not greasy at all so you can get dressed straight away. I’ve also been using a little on my face under make up for a dewy finish and also on my feet at bedtime which is a lovely treat and you wake up with super soft tootsies…The only downside is that now I have realised that my saggy belly is actually flab and not just stretch marks. So back to Bootcamp Pilates for me!’

Editor’s tip: pack this one in your holiday bag as a nourishing after sun treatment…

School Run Superheroes

This week we tried out Lee Stafford’s ‘Blow Dry Your Hair Faster’ Spray, £6.99 from Boots.

The lowdown: despite looking like something Elle from Legally Blonde would have in her bathroom, the concept of this product is quite space-age. Not only does it reduce the time it takes to blow dry your hair but also makes it smoother, easier to comb and easier to style.

Our SM tester says: ‘TBH I don’t normally blow dry my hair on the school run, I just tie it back in a wet ponytail or stuff it under a beanie hat, so was intrigued to try this. It normally takes twenty minutes to blow dry and run the straighteners through my hair – which is long bob length and quite thick – so I spritzed this on whilst the kids were watching a double episode of Peppa Pig (it’s kind of the same coloured can as Peppa!). It does say it protects from heat so I did just go for it with the dryer on the top setting, but my hair was almost dry before I even got going really. Not sure how it works but it definitely is quicker. I didn’t notice much difference after styling – although my hair didn’t feel weighted down – but later in the day where I normally have frizzy ends I had lovely princess-like loopy curls. I would definitely recommend this – I don’t know if it makes the process quick enough to actually do on the school run (I still don’t really even have ten minutes to spare) but if it gives me more time for the rest of the day then that’s fine by me…’

Editor’s Tip: Keep the ditsy pink vibe going all day with Daisy Eau So Fresh fragrance from Marc Jacobs, it’s a lovely mix with the green tea scent of Lee Stafford’s range …

Schoolrun Superheroes

We’re really chuffed to be awarding our first 5 star review for this section, this time for the Di Palomo Tuscan Rose Dry Oil, £18 online

The lowdown: this super light, non greasy, easily absorbed olive and sweet almond oil blend is packed with vitamin E and fragranced as part of the Tuscan Rose range. Can be used all over the body or as a hair conditioner.

Our tester says: ‘When the Ed suggested I test DRY OIL on the school run, I thought she’d gone mad… But this is a really, truly great product. It smells divine; not just a lovely deep rose scent but also notes of vanilla, gardenia and jasmine. Kind of reminds me of the Stella McCartney rose fragrance, really classy. You can spray this all over after the shower, but it is honestly so light you can actually keep it in the car and spritz on your hands, elbows… legs if it wasn’t bitter winter! But it also works great on your hair, especially if you are prone to a little frizz and just need a little ‘shoosh’ of body. My daughter goes to Waterbabies swimming lessons and the changing rooms are small and communal – no room for lots of products, let alone whilst juggling a tired baby – but this had me sorted as a body lotion, leave in hair conditioner and a gorgeous perfume, all in one!

Superhero score: 5/5

More at:


School Run Superheroes

In the next of our series to applaud the hardworking beauty products that can really get your mornings licked, our mum tester tried Eye of Horus Natural Goddess mascara in black, £19, available from Beauty Bay

The lowdown: this award winning Australian brand is inspired by ancient Egyptian formulas to give you modern day Cleopatra-glamour. The mascara uses natural waxes and moringa oil, so is suitable for sensitive eyes and nourishes your lashes as it  enhances.

Our tester says: The wand on this one seems to have quite small, delicate bristles so on first application I really didn’t think it would do very much, but actually it really did give me visible lashes with just one stroke and the colour was so black it gave the effect of having put eyeliner on as well. So a thumbs up from me for the multi tasking. The natural wax ingredients mean that this product is very easy to take off and doesn’t dry your lashes out like some mascaras do and it doesn’t clump if you put another coat on straight away. I would say if you normally use Maybelline Great Lash this would be a really good upgrade to try! (I will also add that the mascara is meant to be water resistant so the Ed told me to try it out at the gym. I didn’t,  but I did have a little cry when Ava presented me with a drawing she’d done and it didn’t run at all…)

Superhero score: 4/5