Cheers to Stella Artois and’s ‘ Buy a Lady a Drink’ campaign

It’s not often we write about beer. We might have mentioned a few supermodels who allegedly rinse their hair with it. Or used it to make batter…

But the latest campaign from Stella Artois has so far helped provide clean water for over 290,000 women in developing countries and will continue to do so for the next five years.

The premise is simple: you buy a fancy chalice beer glass from Stella Artois for £4.50 and they use the full amount to provide water to a woman who needs it. For five years.

Order a chalice online here and either give it as a gift to the beer drinker in your life, sip a drink from it in a ladylike fashion and then make ‘man beer belching’ noises – or use it as a vase for daffodils.

Either way, you’re helping do a world of good…

Oh – and did we mention Matt Damon is supporting this? (Maybe we should write about beer a bit more often!)