Cruise the urban jungle with the Quinny Longboard Stroller

Twice in as many weeks now, we have seen a stroller that has made SM’s resident Dad-writers squeal like schoolgirls. The first was the superlight, sporty Koochi Pushmatic, but the new Longboard Stroller from Quinny is an absolute gamechanger.

The Longboard Stroller is – yes really!- a long skateboard deck attached to a sort of reinforced version of Quinny’s lightweight Zapp¬†frame, complete with safety bars. And it folds down to be carried like a longboard.

The idea is that that a relatively competent skater can whizz through the city with their child, not only shaving tens of minutes off the run to stay-and-play but also rolling like an urban hipster at the same time.

Not only is the Quinny Longboard super cool, it can also be customised with a choice of deck colours and it actually brakes like a bike does – rather than the more traditional longboard braking method (ie falling off!)

At just ¬£440 this one is the latest man-toy he never knew he wanted until now… Order online from Quinny.

Editor’s tip: if you get one of these strollers you’ve gotta get your little one a pair of junior Converse… We love these double tongue Chucks, from Office nationwide.