Dad Diaries: in praise of the simple things

We were recently invited to the launch of SWAG Jewellers ‘Circle of Life’ collection; jewellery designed to be given to mothers to commemorate a birth. One of our Dad writers gave his thoughts on the concept of ‘push presents’ below…

“When our first child was born, my wife was covered in blood. She had mascara running down her face and had been intermittently laughing like a drain from the drugs she’d been given, then pausing to vomit on herself. She’d had a couple of stitches and was also attached to a drip. She’d kill me for saying this – it wasn’t her best look – but to me she had never seemed more beautiful, nor had I been more proud of her.

I myself was wiping my tears on my own sleeve – there weren’t really any words in ‘Man-speak’ to explain how I felt – and I’ll remember the three of us being cuddled up in that little bubble of newness for all eternity.

Afterwards, I was so grateful to the midwives who delivered our son that I hit the hospital gift shop and panic-bought anything I concluded that ‘women might like’ by way of a thank you – then showered them with candles, sweets and novelty soap.

I didn’t buy anything for my wife. Not even flowers. It wasn’t something that crossed my mind, but it would have been a lovely gesture. I’m a bloke; sometimes I don’t say what I should and sometimes simple things (like which way ‘round the kids’ vests go on) need pointing out to me.

I remember asking my wife that night if there was anything she wanted. She said ‘, sushi and a glass of wine’. I managed that (you’ll be pleased to hear) and as a result – though by the time the delivery guy arrived she’d had two glasses of wine –she concluded that I was the best husband and father in the whole darn world.

When asked to comment on what I think about Push Presents and the Circle of Life range that SWAG Jeweller has brought out, I thought about that night. I thought about how great it would have been to have come bearing sparkling jewels to adorn my lovely, sobbing, milky wife. After all, she wears her engagement ring every day and every night (even when that’s all she’s wearing) and it still reminds me of that blustery day in the Scottish Highlands when I knelt in a cowpat for her.

I’m sure I’m not the only guy who didn’t think to buy jewellery to celebrate my first child coming into this world (or the subsequent two) but when I sit down with my firstborn son to explain to him about the birds and the bees, I’ll be sure to mention that when the stork comes it might be a good idea to get out one’s credit card. Like I said, sometimes men need the simplest things spelling out…”

The beautiful Circle of Life collection is available online or in stores from SWAG Jeweller and includes earrings, eternity rings and pendants in diamond and emerald, ruby and sapphire stone pairings. Prices start at £595 and 20% of the proceeds will go to PANDAS, the charity for pre and postnatal depression.

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Images: SWAG x Your Parent Guide Event, Amelia Allen Photography