Dad Diaries: Matt Rowntree goes to the launch of

Beano re-enters the digital era with a big bang

cajoled dad_Profile PicMatt writes: For the last couple of years number one son has been a very happy subscriber to the Beano. Saturday mornings are punctuated with excited runs to the door any minute he thinks the postman might be delivering his favourite comic.

And over the last six months the younger one has also got into one of my childhood’s favourite pastimes. So it was with great pleasure we received an invitation to the launch of Beano’s re-entry into the digital world for the launch of

img_0267 One recent Sunday we made the trip over to London for a mischievous launch party that included gunge tanks, catapults and all sorts of other mayhem.

A fun-filled afternoon was had by all. An experience not to forget as we entered through a window into Dennis’s disgustingly filthy room, and made our way into a factory made for menaces and minxes.

The kids had an amazing time as the parents did their best to keep themselves out of trouble and clean. A tricky task as sponge cake flew from catapults and gunge was filtered through various drains towards the next victims.

Number one had actually been visiting in the weeks previous to the launch, confirming what he thought to be ‘so beano’ and ‘not beano’, giving his approval on content for the new site.

img_8337 Building on its much-loved comic roots, Beano’s new digital “Ultimate Feed of Awesome” is jam-packed with original videos, along with the best bits of YouTube, games, pics, quizzes and interactive fun to help imaginations run riot and keep kids giggling for hours.


The new site launches with lots of videos, including brand new cartoons like The Invention of Football (by dinosaurs…), brand new “how to” vids for making cool stuff, and silly jokes delivered by the “Little Squelchies”, all sitting along with great entertainment from  Dennis, Gnasher, Minnie and the whole gang.

And the great news for parents is that is designed to protect kids – there’s no messaging functionality, no collection of personal information without parental say so, and no sharing of marketing data with 3rd parties.

Oh. And it’s free, so maybe I’ll do away with that subscription. Actually no. It gives us a good 45 minutes of peace and quiet on a Saturday morning. Perhaps the new website will extend that a little longer.

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