Dads get their Votey McVote Face on: 49% of dads in the UK want to remain in the EU, say the Dad Network

We got this one through from The Dad Network… It kind of reminded us a bit of when Brits voted Homer Simpson the World’s Best Dad (sorry Al, bear with us…) – what’s interesting here is that the vote is a pretty close leave/stay tie, but the reasons given are almost identical – the main motivator either way being what’s best for children and the family…

Read on: it’s a great bit of research…


  • 49% of dads in the UK want to remain in the EU.
  • 46% of dads in the UK want to leave the EU.
  • No.1 reason for remaining in the EU is ‘national security’.
  • No.1 reason for leaving the EU is to ‘regain control’ from Brussels.

The Dad Network, a UK-based organisation offering support, encouragement and networking opportunities to dads, polled more than 600 dads to ask how they would be voting in this month’s EU Referendum debate.
The results show a fascinatingly even split between the two camps, with those pledging to vote ‘Remain’ at 49% and those backing the ‘Leave’ campaign at 46%. Five percent of dads were undecided.
When asked the reason behind their voting preference, it was clear that many dads were thinking of their children’s futures when making their decision.
The primary reason for remaining in the EU was listed as ‘national security’, closely followed by having economic stability and free flow of immigration being integral to workforce. Amongst these main reasons, comments were also made on having protected workers’ rights and not being able to trust the current government post Brexit.
As for the reason behind voting to leave the EU, ‘regaining control of the UK’ was most popular, followed by securing our borders and over-spending in Brussels. Other reasons for the pro ‘Brexit’ campaign were concerned with the protecting the housing market & to give smaller businesses a better chance for trade.
The referendum has already sparked some lively debate on The Dad Network’s Facebook page, with dads clearly divided on this hugely significant moment in British history.

“I plan to vote Remain because I don’t trust a post-Brexit government to make sure my way of life is secure. But I’m only just over the line.” Alex Courtney-Tickle, Exeter

“When I think of my newborn son’s future I can’t help but think that the EU Referendum should not have been given to the public, we are not politicians, we are not economists. The decisions made will be primarily based on scare tactics and propaganda from both sides; these decisions will shape the futures of our children. I’d rather not have that on my shoulders, so come 23rd June I’ll be abstaining on behalf of my son.” Daniel Grosvenor, Isle of Wight

“As a dad, I want my children to receive a quality education, have successful careers and be homeowners. The only way I can guarantee a secure future for my children is to vote leave on June 23rd Ethan Wilkinson, Cardiff

Founder of The Dad Network, Al Ferguson says, “From this poll, it’s apparent that this referendum is going to go down to the wire. Though discussions within The Dad Network, it’s apparent that UK dads are divided yet both ‘parties’ have the same concern in mind; wanting a safe and secure future for their children. With the media hype, scare-mongering and politicians arguing, voters will continue to be divided.”