Eat Grub

If dried fruit snacks and good-for-you gumdrops just aren’t exciting your kids, then check out the Eat Grub bar – made from protein, calcium and iron rich crickets!

Yup, those chirruppy countryside beasties that either make or ruin (depending on your dispensation) an alfresco experience with their leg rubbing racket are apparently jolly good for you.

So good that Grub – the edible insect innovators – have put together a Kickstarter campaign to part-fund their new bar and they hope to have the product in stores by next Spring. Eating such insects is sustainable and already enjoyed in many parts of the world (where the taboo around entomophagy is – frankly – just not cricket…)

Image: Grub

So if all goes to plan for the Grub guys, the next time your little ones threaten to go down the garden and eat worms, you’ll be able to pull one of these bars out of your handbag and watch the awe on their faces…