Fast Days and Feast Days with Elly Pear

A couple of our writers have tried the 5/2 diet… General consensus was that they drank miso soup on the days where the limit is 500 calories and ate spag bol or a scarfed a coupled of pizzas on the rest of them. Did it work? Mmmph.

Elly Curshen (aka Elly Pear, head chef at her Bristol cafe ‘Pear‘ and Instyle food writer) has put together an inspirational cookbook filled with surprisingly low cal meals for the Fast days and luscious ideas made with ‘good’ ingredients to scoff on the Feast days.

Recipes include: Italian style baked egg (at only 167 calories) and Quail egg and beetroot salad as a Fast day staple (Elly is vegetarian but eats fish) and blowout on lentil and coconut dhal or rosemary and lemon posset with meringue.

image: Telegraph

Elly suggests some clever tips for getting through the 500 cal days including making up ‘lunchboxes’ at 100 calories each and topping up a small glass of wine with soda if you’re meeting a friend for drinks.

She also suggests using leftovers to make ‘Buddha Bowls’ encouraging healthier eating on the non-fast days.

The main point to bear in mind with Elly’s diet plan is that the weighing and measuring must be meticulous if one is to strictly follow the 5/2 plan. One nut or even one slice of apple over and the calorie count is tipped. 

We personally think that this book is full of some lovely recipes which can be adapted into delicious (and colourful) family meals – even for those not watching the scales. The Fast day ideas make for imaginative kids’ lunchbox fillers and we’ll be knocking up the Fatty’s salted caramel sauce just to lick the bowl out…

Fast Days and Feast Days by Elly Curshen is available now from Harper Collins.