Frank Water and the Global WASH Crisis

Frank Water works to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in India and Nepal. Since 2005, through the sales of their bottled water – of which 100% of the profits are invested into their charity work – Frank has funded safe water for 330,000 people in over 300 communities.

Their significant work is alas only the tip of the iceberg as 1 in 10 people in the world currently have no safe water and 1 in 3 have no toilet.

image: Frank Water

As well as seeing their bottles in stores, you might have also come across Frank’s ingenious water Freefill stations at festivals like Shambala and Cornbury; the concept is that you buy one of their refillable bottles and then can have a free supply of clean, cooled water for the festival duration (a godsend if you are at the event with children, and the bottles are really durable too…) Again, the profits from this are ploughed back into research and clean water supply.

If you’re stuck for a gift idea, Frank have some imaginative (and affordable) ones that even young children will engage with; for example £48 will buy a rainwater harvester, allowing a family in the slums of Islam Nagar to take control of their own water supply, instead of relying on the polluted river or expensive ‘water touts’. Explaining to a child that – for example – instead of sending Christmas cards this year you are opting to change a family’s lives in this way is a lot simpler than trying to put into context why someone stops Mummy outside the supermarket asking for a £2 per month direct debit…

image: MAHI

If you’d prefer to support Frank Water’s work with an elegant style piece, we have fallen in love with the understated craftsmanship of MAHI’s unisex leather satchels and holdalls, which are handmade in India. From the sale of each, $1.50 is donated to Frank.

Find out more about Frank Water and their work here.