GAP Celebrates Motherhood with the Launch of ‘Mama Said’ Film Starring and Co-Directed by Liv Tyler

We are loving the super cool (and super cute) ‘Mama Said’ campaign video, co-directed by Liv Tyler for GAP  – and in support of Every Mother Counts.

Liv also stars in the film, along with her children Sailor and Lula and fellow parent pals Coco Rocha, Candice Swanepoel, Ali and Cass Bird and Jurnee Smollett Bell.

Their respective children obviously wear GAP Kids – but how adorable is 9 month old Lula’s red and white romper outfit?

All too often we don’t stop to take a moment to embrace motherhood and celebrate it (how many of us have already complained to a friend today about a sleepless night or moaned about the cookie crumbs on the sofa? #Guilty) – Liv’s message about the joy and optimism of being a mother is really sweet and simple.

“I often think of the things my grandmother and my mother have been telling me my whole life. Remembering what your ‘mama said’ as a child and growing up is very important. I often try to think of things that I can say to my children in a way that they can hear me the same way I heard my mom,” (Liv Tyler)

Every Mother Counts campaigns to improve access to comprehensive maternity care in the effort to make childbirth safer in Haiti, Uganda, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Guatemala, Nepal, Syria and the United States.To make a donation go here.