Get a 10% Shopping discount from Letterbox Gifts

Hands up if this is you: you realise that there are a few relatives you won’t see over the Xmas period, so you choose and wrap a few thoughtful gifts – and even remember some bubble wrap so that they don’t break in the post. You head to the post office, your toddler wets his pants in the queue and starts crying. You bribe him with chocolate, then he gets the *red mist* and┬átips over a rack of DVLA forms. You leave without posting anything.

Then you completely miss the last posting date and are still carrying said items around in your bag mid-January.

But Letterbox gifts, it seems, are the salvation to the above Xmas #fail (plus also birthday, new baby, Father’s Day – and many more situations where the queue in the post office defeats you…)

Not only does the box fit snugly though letterboxes (so no ‘missed delivery’ notes for your loved one to negotiate) but the gifts inside are really lovely; super stylish and well presented, with a mixture of edible, practical and pampering bits and bobs inside.

Their Xmas box comes with gorgeous scented candles (we lit one now and the whole room smells of Xmas eve already!) plus tea, handmade chocolates, a tree decoration and mulled wine spices – all made in Britain and super luxe.

Sounds like a great idea, huh? Well – even better – our readers can get a 10% shopping discount by using code SLICKMUMMY10 at the checkout.