Get a Simply Cook box for just £3

If the School Holidays have resulted in your freezer being full of turkey dinosaurs and freeze-pops and assembling a meal involves drawing faces on boiled eggs, then a welcome relief might be a custom made meal box from Simply Cook. 

In short, when you haven’t even thought about what dinner might consist of for you and your partner (except for licking the leftover frosting out of a mixing bowl) you just go onto Simply Cook’s website, choose from their selection of restaurant quality meal ideas and they will send you boxes with the ingredients and recipes to create quick, easy and delicious meals that feed 2-4 and will convince others that you have been slaving over a stove all day (instead of picking PlayDoh out of your hair).

The boxes normally cost £8.99 each but if you sign up for a trial box via this link you pay just £3 and could be scoffing Vietnamese Pork or Cajun Meatballs instead of Nutella on toast.

Find out more about SimplyCook here.