Got kids or pets? You need a Karcher WV2 window vac in your life!

Editor writes: “Maybe, like me, the mention of Karcher makes you think of those infomercials where leisurewear clad models steam clean the parts of their home that you honestly wouldn’t give a second thought to unless, say, the Queen was popping over or the admissions secretary of your top choice school was planning a home visit. You know; the underside of oven knobs, the catflap or the spokes of bike wheels…That kind of thing. 

Well, a fortnight of having the Karcher WV2 Plus Window Vac system in my home and I’m wondering how I ever did without it. And – here’s the shocker – I haven’t even used it on the windows! 

So what makes it so indispensable? Well – if you have kids or pets and either wooden, tile or laminate floors, stop me when one of these situations sounds familiar…

  1. Your potty training child has an accident on the floor.
  2. Your toddler wanders ’round with an opened juicebox for around ten minutes before you realise that they are holding it upside-down.
  3. Your pet has an accident on the floor.
  4. Your child tips the dog’s water bowl over their head.
  5. You cave into your better judgement and let your child do messy play with water and glitter.
  6. You drop a glass of wine on the floor. 
  7. You get home from the Farmers’ Market, put the organic cotton tote bag down *enthusiastically* and ergo smash a litre of expensive organic apple juice.
  8. Your child ignores all cries of ‘take your muddy wellies off at the door!’
  9. Your child ignores all cries of ‘don’t let the wet dog into the kitchen!’
  10. You sit on the floor sobbing, then realise you’ve sat in a puddle of jam… 

Any of this sound like life in your home? Well, how about these then:

  1. You mop the floor, using anything from eco-friendly soap made from flower petals to hardcore bleach, then realise all you have done is made another puddle of your own. Possibly more toxic, possibly just grey water mixed with jam.
  2. Your child sees the wet floor and pretends it’s an ice rink. 
  3. Dog runs through the aforementioned puddle, then all over the house with wet, jammy paws. 

Right. So… Rather than finding yourself down on your hands and knees using the baby’s muslin or your gym t-shirt to dry, the god-like genius that is the Karcher window vac will just suck up all the liquid and leave you with a dry, hygienic floor. In seconds.

If one was to use the innovative system on windows, the idea is that you spray the glass with detergent via the dispensing bottle provided which has a nifty microfibre cloth at its head that you then use to clean the streaks. Grab the vacuum gadget and suck off all the water. Also works on shower panels and mirrors. Really simple, effective – and a job I’ll save til Her Majesty fancies a cuppa ’round mine.”

RRP £59.99 – order online