Granny is cooler than Mummy – says new survey by Families Online


Families Online – the sister website to Emma’s Diary which gives parents and grandparents info about local child friendly activities and events – recently ran a survey on how today’s parents’ hectic schedules result in Granny having a greater influence on family lives – and the shocking results: 52% of surveyed kids think Granny is cooler than their mum! 

Faye Mingo, spokesperson for new website, which commissioned the study among 1,600 of its members, ahead of National Grandparents Day
this Sunday, said: “It’s great news for grandmothers that children enjoy their company so much. The bond between grandparents and grandchildren can be very special, however mums need not feel worried or threatened by it at all. There really no stronger bond than between a child and it’s mother – and it’s only when we grow up and have our own children that we realise just how much we really appreciate our own mum.We know that due to the pressures of modern day life, a lot of parents just aren’t able to spend the time that they’d like with their children, and these ‘silver saviours’ are stepping in where they can to help. Finding that quality family time is really important, which is one of the reasons that Families was set up, providing inspiration for days out and activities that all the family can enjoy.”

Still a bit mortified? Well start working on those Sunday Roasts- as apparently 33% of us confess that grandmother does it better when it comes to basting and Yorkshire puds…