Grown Up snack time

WP_20160810_10_00_28_Pro In need of a mid-afternoon something or other and the kids’ Peppa Pig jelly just not doing it for you…?

We’re loving Pip and Nut’s limited edition maple peanut butter, which is palm oil free, great on toast (or off the spoon out of the jar).

Crave something even sweeter? Try the Ombar Centres range of 100% cacao creamy treats – packed with good things and the perfect size not to share!


Love sausage and beer? The guys at Leffe have created their own special sausage to accompany their ale, as part of the promotion of ‘Leffe Slow Time’ (a series of films  showcasing artists and artisans, their dedication to their craft and their relationship with time.) Charcuterie maker Adrienne E Treeby has created dried meat delights using Leffe Brune… Watch the Slow Time film here.