Help! My Child Wants A Bedroom Makeover

Guest post from Ollie & Leila: Just hearing that small phrase – can I have a new room please, is enough to send a chill through any DIY-fearing parent. Images of endless weekends taken up with sanding, painting and hammering rush past your eyes, not to mention the tears and tantrums that are sure to follow, when you don’t paint the walls the right type of blue! But don’t worry, a bedroom makeover can actually be much easier than you think… 

Keep It Simple

image: ollie & leila

Whilst it may be tempting to rush out immediately and start buying every single gorgeous item your child requires, don’t – put the credit card away. Less really is more, especially when it comes to your child’s bedroom. You see, children are fickle things, and whilst currently Peppa Pig may be flavour of the month, this could quickly be replaced by Paw Patrol. So, resist the urge to paint the walls pink in homage to Peppa, and keep the walls a neutral colour, soft greys and pale pastel colours look great. This allows you to add colour, personalisation, and even themes to the bedroom in the form of accessories such as rugs, duvet covers and lampshades. Accessories are easier to replace when a new ‘favourite’ appears, so rather than having to redesign the whole bedroom again, you simply need to replace them.

image: ollie & leila

Forget ‘location, location, location’, the mantra you should be repeating when it comes to making over your child’s bedroom is ‘storage, storage, storage’. But don’t worry, storage doesn’t need to come in the form of clunky, white, plastic boxes littering your child’s bedroom floor. There are some brilliantly clever, beautifully designed storage solutions out there. Like the gorgeous, bespoke storage beds from Ollie & Leila.  Each one has been designed with storage below the actual bed, you could have a desk, chest of drawers or storage cubes built underneath, giving your child absolutely no excuses for a messy room.



Instead of spending hours trying to find new furniture to fill your child’s ‘new’ room, save yourself time and energy and try some upcycling. By spending a little time giving your child’s furniture a makeover of its own, you can create a whole new look in their bedroom. There are many upcycling ideas on Pinterest so you can really take your pick, but perhaps start simple. Just sand down the furniture and paint it a colour that fits in with the palette of the room. Or, for a bit more of the ‘wow-factor’, try a bit of wallpaper on the furniture. Do not cover the whole piece of furniture, that will be too much and give you a migraine every time you look at it! Instead, choose a section to cover. So, for a tall bookcase, you could cover the back panel in your chosen wallpaper, or to upcycle a chest of drawers, cover just the drawer fronts.

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