Holiday Hotlist: Becky Mantin’s Nappy Grab Bags

Over the next week we’ll be focussing on holiday essentials when traveling with babies or children. We’ve been trying, testing and choosing which products we’d suggest you swap for that extra pair of espadrilles you probably won’t wear anyhow and find room for in your suitcase.

First up are these nifty new nappy ‘all in one’ Grab Bag kits from former ITV weather girl Becky Mantin. The bags are disposable,and consist of a bio-degradable polythene outer wrapping which is sealed with an adhesive label. As the label is torn, the wrapping unfurls to reveal one eco-responsible Naty by Naturecare nappy (6 sizes available), one sachet of Weleda nappy cream, and four individually-foil-packed Jackson Reece organic baby wipes inside. We love the striking colourways and great eco-friendly brands included.

Becky says: “The overflowing nappy bag we parents lug around with us is such a nuisance. It’s cumbersome, heavy, time-consuming to check and restock and, of course, no real guarantee that you’re not going to forget or run out of an essential element. When my husband and I got caught short on just one of many occasions, it occurred to me how much easier it would be to simply shove (what we now call) a Nappy Grab Bag in your pocket and know that you’re sorted!”

Sold? Get yours from Ocado – £8.99 for a five pack.