Holiday Hotlist… Pure Potions Rescue Salve Kit

Pure Potions have created the Rescue Salve Kit. Four little itty bitty tins that tuck so teeny tiny into your changing bag that you might forget you packed them.

Our SM tester says: cue the moment your eldest takes the airport trolley for a joyride, realises too late it has no brakes and skins his knee before the holiday has even begun – and look, you have a dinky pot of calendula and comfrey balm to rub on the graze right there in your hand luggage.

Insect bite? Just whip out the pot of tea tree balm and apply a blob to the boo boo.

We use arnica all the time as the boys play fight and the toddler is a bit wobbly still so does often fall over – it’s a godsend – but the tube of it we bought last year at a French hypermarche has a bit of a yellowy hue and has stained many a shirt. So we’re loving this little salve pot as it’s clear, non sticky and the tin doesn’t leak.

Finally, the lavender one is meant for burns and I thought it would never get used, but sure enough on our first night away I scalded my hand on a hotel kettle! This one does need to be applied regularly if you don’t want a blister but by the following morning there was barely anything to see…