Holiday Hotlist: The Carnation Anti Blister Stick

For me, the worst offenders are French Sole ballerinas. Not cheap flip flops or wet espadrilles, or *gasp* jelly shoes – it’s those pretty flatties that get me every time. At that precious moment of Spring when the boots come off and the carefree footwear comes out, on they go and ‘ouch ouch’ go the blisters. Then it’s a Summer of Birkenstocks 🙁

So how thrilled were we to discover this clever little stick from Carnation Footcare; created with one goal – to ease the wearing of Summery shoes.

Looking a bit like a glittery pritt stick, you can just pop this in your handbag (or changing bag) and all it takes is a little slick of clear balm onto the area that rubs, or is likely to cause a boo-boo and away you go, like a carefree sandal wearing goddess.