Holiday Hotlist…The folding baby bath from Beaba

We were blown away by the cleverness of this one. It’s a decent sized baby bath which simply folds flat and is easy to carry or pack in a suitcase.

Our Dad tester gave the BEABA folding baby bath a go on a recent French camping weekend:

Dad tester says: I’ve loved camping all my life and I’m keen to get my boys into it from a young age. Aged three and 11 months we do need to think about a few ‘home comforts’ – we can’t just rough it in the wild. This baby bath is really practical (very often on campsites the only choice is a communal shower – which is a bit full on for the kids – or bathing them in the sink where people wash up – not ideal either!). We spend a lot of time on those French Air sites where there might only be a tap, this is definitely a lifesaver! The bath itself is safe enough not to tip when full of water, sturdy enough for quite a chunky baby and a toddler to use and it doubles up as an impromptu paddling pool as well. What’s more (if you like flat packing, like I do) it folds right down and you can tuck it anywhere (behind the driver’s seat, for example). Obviously, my wife unfolded it and then used it as a box to put the shopping in as the hypermarche only had brown bags and my eldest used it as a bed for his teddy, but heck – it’s versatile!