Holiday Hotlist: The Stabilo Cappi

Felt tip pens might not be the top of the packing list, granted, but bear with us on this one.

You’re on a flight or a train, the kids have got a table (of sorts) and something to scribble on (ideally not the table) but how long does it take before one of them has dropped their pens, or the lids on the floor and suddenly you find yourself rooting around fellow passengers’ feet and banging your head on the backs of seats or the underside of aforementioned table.

So we’re loving the Stabilo Cappi pens – which come with a little string to attach all the lids to – which makes lost lids or roaming pens a thing of the past.

In a lovely rainbow of colours, this set of pens might double up as a snazzy holiday bracelet too… And Stabilo Cappis are washable (if the darlings decide to scribble on the hotel walls) and safe (if they’re mistaken for Orange Sparklers)