How to be blonder during nap time…

If you were one of those twenty somethings who spent ages finding the right colourist and many a bonus cheque on the right balance of honey and amber or ash and pewter shades – but now in later life find yourself opting for ‘anything that is quick and covers the greys’ – read on.

Many new mums do notice more grey hairs appearing after childbirth  thanks to hormones, lack of vitamins, wonky oestrogen levels etc  – even Kate Middleton had a few following the arrival of Prince George – and if you were previously a bottle blonde it’s often easier and less time consuming to keep greys at bay with a darker hue.

But where’s the fun in that? We’ve tracked down a few products to help you maintain that Platinum Blonde life that are so quick to use that they can be squeezed in whilst your little one has a lie down. Honest!

If you want to go whiter than white like Uber Slick Mummy Gwen Stefani, try Scott Cornwall’s Iced Platinum Colour Restore ; a purple dye which you mix with conditioner and apply to banish brash yellow tones. It’s sort of like alchemy for the hair, but can be mixed and applied in around 20 minutes and repeat use keeps the colour fresh and shiny.

Or just fancy some sun-kissed streaks? Sun In now comes in a Tropical Breeze fragrance (as well as the classic Lemon you remember from your teens) and can be spritzed on any which where… Order it from Amazon and keep in your handbag.

Or L’Oreal’s Sunkiss Jelly comes in three shades and can be combed through and left to dry – the results are pretty impressive, especially when amplified by sunlight or a hairdryer and it smells of Camellia oil. You can just apply it as and when you fancy and it has the consistency of gel, so you could put your hair up into a bun and slick this through the roots, then leave all day for more of an ombre look.