How to… cope with summer allergies

From hayfever to heatrash, hives from a holiday bought laundry detergent or food intolerance, children’s Summer allergies can prove a headache (especially if you are suffering too!)

Here are a few tips…

Check the pollen count: Piriton have a useful calendar on their website showing different types of pollen and their peak irritant times.Tough as it is to keep children indoors at these times, you’ll thank yourself for it – Piriton and Play Ambassador Jeni Hooper suggest a few creative ideas for indoor play such as creating skittles from used plastic bottles and entertaining the little ones with a bowling alley or turning a big cardboard box into a den. (Editor’s tip: if you want to cheat on den-making, check out the gorgeous range at Just for Tiny People)

– Take medication with you: even if you are not heading somewhere remote, stock up so you’re not caught short. offer useful cards in 27 languages explaining different conditions – handy if your holiday does take you off the beaten track.

– Talk to your kids: sneezing for no reason or random rashes can be terrifying, get some dialogue going so that they understand what’s happening.

SM tip: “my son got really upset when sneezes seemed to come out of nowhere. We found getting him to choose a set of handkerchiefs and take control of them – putting clean ones in his pocket and dirty ones in the laundry basket – helped. Get some with a favourite character, or you can even have a drawing immortalised – check out NotontheHighSt for some creative ideas…”