How to… cope with summer colds

Whilst Winter might be synonymous with the snivels, as any Mum knows, little ones can get colds all year ’round (especially if there’s one working its way through their classroom) – here’s our little guide to dealing with poorly ones in a heatwave…

– Top up Vitamin C, hydrate and keep cool with an organic juice ice lolly. Make your own (we love these Space Rocket lolly makers from Lakeland) or choose one made from the whole fruit such as Real Nice.

РGetting lots of rest is easier said than done when the nursery is like a sauna. Fresh air napping is great if you have a shady outdoor spot; oversized muslins like the Aden + Anais bamboo Daydream Blankets (pictured), a travel cot, portable cradle for tinies like this one from JojoMamanBebe or freestanding hammock like this one from Kidlantis are all your friends Рas too will be this ingenious clam clip from Jaghoo (pictured) when it comes to putting a makeshift sleep canopy together.

Jaghoo clam clip


SM tip: if you’re facing some resistance to taking mediation and your little patient is off school for a few days, try embarking on a long (ish) read aloud story. Offer another chapter in return for taking their medicine. We love Frances Hodgeson Burnett’s ‘The Secret Garden’ for sick-kid story-time.

– Dressing in light layers …like this gorgeous pointelle top from Little Green Radicals – made from supersoft organic cotton with a cheery design that will have them feeling better in no time!