How to… Do festivals with kids

If you’re thinking three days in a muddy field looks like something that might appeal to your little rascals, here are our quick tips:

Get ConTENTED: don’t make a festival situation the first time the children have been away in a tent. Start with the garden, pop one up to play in a park, take an overnight break at a nearby campsite. Some festivals have child-friendly camping fields; even if they don’t, think about the fact that you might need to leave in a hurry rather than having a pitch closest to the stage! A good tent is a must, we love the colourful range of bell tents from Boutique Camping.

Pack safe and savvy: think about camping kit you’ll need and how child friendly it is. Ensure items such as camping knives, stoves, sterilising tablets etc can be locked away. Try and pack for the whole family in something large and squashable like a Northface Kitbag, rather than letting children bring their own luggage and Trunkis – you’ll be thankful for the simplicity and it will double up as something to sit on.

Think about the loos: and the showers for that matter. And the lack of changing facilities. We’ve raved about BEABA’s folding camping bath before – and worth grabbing some of the Becky Mantin disposable Nappy Grab Bags for easy changing alfresco. Hairwashing won’t be an option but stock up on L’Oreal Kids detangling spray and lots of hair bands (like Rock and Rose’s jewelled bobby pins)  if you have a little Rapunzel, or a visor hat if you have a curly mop to content with.

Get some ear protectors: there are plenty of these around these days and well worth having, not only to defend from harmful noise if your child isn’t a little monster of rawk, but also great to block out noise on planes. We love these Baby Banz ones from Precious Little One.

Stock up on snacks: festival food is often really expensive, might be something outside of the kids’ comfort zone and (sadly) might also lead to an attack of the runs. Pop some non-perishable snacks in your bag – like Natur Boutique’s freeze dried Papaya which comes in space age packaging – and throw in a tube of O.R.S Hydration tablets just in case! (And if your child accidentally finds something at a festival that they shouldn’t swallow, make sure you read the NHS guide to poisoning, but stay calm, it’s rarer than you’d think!)

And finally, go cutesy with some fun festival fashion!

We adore Hunter’s contrast sole wellies for kids and this floral waterproof jacket from JoJoMamanBebe