How to massage a baby

There’s many a SM who might hold the view that baby massage (along with singalongs, Baby Bach, TinyTalk etc) might be an activity suggested by the do-gooder likes of NCT or Health Visitors to prevent us from boredom, daytime telly and generally going bonkers.

But not so, say the experts at the International Association of Infant Massage – benefits include reducing colic, constipation, aiding crying, promoting sleep and developing coordination and motor skills.

‘Choose a time when baby is neither hungry nor too full’ say Johnson’s Baby. ‘Set the scene in a warm bright room and relax yourself by taking deep breaths…’

‘Start with the legs and feet for a not-yet-crawling infant,’ suggest Baby Centre ‘working gently round the toes, then fingers, arms and chest. Use both hands to open out the chest, then turn baby over onto the back…’ (read more)

Infacol suggest the ‘Tiger in the Tree’ massage technique for babies suffering from colic.

Make the whole experience a little slicker with the following:

  • Gentle Baby Massage oil from -TEN-: this mother and baby beauty range includes a super luxe massage product containing softening sweet almond oil which not only feels delicious but also comes in a bottle with a practical non-slip pump dispenser – great for when you’ve got slippery hands. The soothing scent makes this one perfect for a pre-bedtime massage and a little goes a long way!                                              9TUAJVDU
  • Wrap up afterwards in a Cocooi blanket from Merino Kids: maximise the chilled factor and keep out the chills with these award winning wraps (and sleeping bags for older children) designed to be warm in winter and allow skin to breathe in summer. We love the colour range too – which includes Mint, Raspberry and Turtle Dove grey.

Ed’s Tip: read what blogger and masseuse Ivy Hultquist has to say about music for massage here… (No Enya!)