How we do detox

Juice cleanses, sweaty Soul Cycle classes and enemas: no thanks. Our kind of workout tends to involve running up and down the stairs to coax the homework-shy, or shimmying ’round the toys scattered on the living room floor – and our kind of detox is a slice of cucumber in our Friday G&T…

We’d sooner have lovely products that make us feel clean and healthy, look slimmer and glow from within with minimum effort and great results.

We’re loving:

  • Plump up the volume of your skin with a  proto-col skincare regimen : designed by modern Pentathelete James Greenwell, this uses hydrolysed collagen to regenerate and smooth skin cells for an overall youthful glow and appearance and comes in space-age-chic packaging.                                             
  • Dose up on Bodyism’s Clean and Lean supplements: Bodyism’s Omega Brilliance capsules contain a highly concentrated dose of fatty acids found in raw Fish Oil. This wonder ingredient is a natural anti-inflammatory, which assists the body with accessing fat stores and reducing sugar cravings, as well as supporting the brain, joints, heart and immune system.
  • Say Abracadabra with Kiehl’s Magic Elixir hair conditioning lotion: The formula is a blend of Rosemary leaf oil, Avocado oil and Safflower seed oil, plus Aloe, known to for its soothing properties. Hair is left feeling immediately softened and moisturized for a beautiful looking shine.
  • Banish the blues with this yellow velvet robe from Aqua di Parma: feel like you’re relaxing at a Balinese spa with this sunshine coloured robe made from softest terrycloth…



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