In praise of… the perfect cup of tea

Tea, that quintessentially English excuse for a fifteen minute skive. Some like it hot, some like it ‘milk in first’, some like to dunk a biccie.

One thing we know, teapots and strainer might look quaint, but in the real world they often leak, don’t go in the dishwasher and are generally a lot of faff. 

So we were delighted to discover that ethical and award-winning tea gurus We Are Tea have created the Simplicitea Tea Infuser, which creates the perfect cuppa from loose leaves in just 90 seconds, with no drips, mess, stirring or fuss. What’s more, they have an amazing range of loose leaf teas to try, including the (not for the faint hearted) gunpowder and ginger green tea or the dreamy white peony tea.

We are Tea also suggest that you might want to improve your life in the 90 seconds whilst you wait for your brew. They have a few great suggestions at #DoItIn90 including doing the plank or making porridge (head over to their twitter feed as the best suggestion will win you a tea infuser) but we reckon a good use of a minute and a half might include:

  • Clear out your inbox. 1,2,3 deleeeeete…
  • Match up the kids’ sock drawer (no more one Thomas and one Peppa sock combos…)
  • Do your pelvic floor exercises… (nah, us neither!)
  • Whizz up the cream and put the chocolate in to melt to make Nigella’s Instant Chocolate Mousse
  • Read a couple of pages of Slick Mummy Magazine
  • Rummage the cupboards for  a matching cup and saucer… (we love this one from Not on the High St