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We aim to be as PR friendly as possible and are always happy to test relevant products, attend events, review travel destinations or restaurants for the website or magazine. We have a great team of writers who have children aged from newborn to twelve years.

Our product review policy is this: we test products with real parents and kids, therefore we do not expect to return the review sample. If the sample needs to be returned we reserve the right to charge a small fee for the review, as we will need to compensate the writer (and their child) for their time and consideration. Email here for more info on this.

All editorial opinions are our own.

For a chat about guest posts or competitions drop a line to the Editor.

Our print edition is quarterly – please do pitch feature ideas here.

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About Slick Mummy magazine: just like our site, the magazine focuses on the finer points of parenting. We’re not here to tell mums what they already know. We don’t want to moan about the NHS or school dinners or compare notes about whose child is the smartest. Our editorial is always positive and aimed to inspire and delight. We like adorable childrenswear, we like snuggly bedding, we like posh restaurants that don’t bat an eyelid when our baby-led-weaning goes belly-up. We like clothes that make us feel sexy on the school run and make up that makes us look perky. We like to chat to mumpreneurs and celeb parents. We like clever little parenting gizmos and toys that make light work of long car journeys. We like date nights and nice underwear. We like to drink gin cocktails on Fridays. But most of all, we like to laugh and smile with our children. We really do hope you will like reading our magazine.

The magazine columnists are: Clare Heal, Caitlin Hayward, Becky Mantin, Matt Rowntree, Wild Hendry and Janey Holliday. See each issue for writer info, photography and styling credits.

Our magazine is freely available in child-friendly hotels, spas, boutiques, cafes and playcentres throughout the UK so that it can be read by parents who share our views. You’ll also get a complimentary copy with online orders from some of our favourite parenting retailers. If you like reading the magazine, please do pass it on to another wonderful mother – or share a comment on social media.

(BTW If you are a family-friendly venue or boutique and would like complimentary copies of Slick Mummy magazine to distribute please do get in touch here also.)

We are proud to work with leading and game-changing parent and child brands and our print advertising rates start at just £40. To find out about advertising or pitch an advertorial idea drop us a line here. 

Download the media pack:

Slick Mummy Media Pack 2016


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