It’s all about the Good Stuff, say Munch Bunch and Angellica Bell…

Children’s dairy brand Munch Bunch®  recently conducted a survey of children’s eating habits to mark the launch of their new fromage frais (with 30% less sugar) and the results were … well, pretty good actually!

New Munch Bunch 30% less sugar lifestyle

Apparently British children are happily accepting adventurous choices such as quinoa, coconut water and kale into their diets and when surveyed parents came up with a list of the top twenty foods they were pleased to see their kids eat there wasn’t a turkey twizzler in sight. Instead lovely choices like porridge, blueberries and brown bread hit the highs. Unsurprisingly, 91% of those surveyed said they felt happy when their children ate well.

Angellica Bell and new Munch Bunch 30% Less Sugar

Munch Bunch®  also teamed up with TV presenter and mum-of-two Angellica Bell, who is currently spearheading a ‘Good Stuff’ campaign for them, providing tips for parents and fun ways to educate young children on where foods come from.

She took time out to tell us how she fits healthy eating for her family into her hectic schedule…

SM: As a busy mum, do you find time to cook for your two kids?

Angellica: I always make time to cook especially as we are a family that like food and eating. I tend to do most cooking first thing in the morning and always prep meals the night before so that I’m not thinking about what we are going to eat on the day, it saves so much time. Also home cooked food tastes so much better and I want my children to say I’m a good cook and look forward to meal times. Michael is great too – he was a finalist on Celebrity Master Chef so it comes in handy!

SM: Do your children have a favourite meal you can share with us?

Angellica: My children love all sorts of food and eat everything we put in front of them. I’m not sure if they have a favourite meal but they enjoy any pasta dish, home cooked chips, broccoli and all fruit for example! At the minute they can’t get enough of Munch Bunch Squashums which I’m a bit partial too as well! They are fab for a little treat after meal times.

SM: What’s currently in your handbag/changing bag as snacks?

Angellica: Looking in my bag right now, nothing! When we go out I tend to have a small bottle of water for everyone and either cream crackers or chopped fruit. Sometimes a few cut sandwiches as they love them for some reason!  

SM: We were really impressed by the ‘Good Stuff’ survey; do you think that mums today are more adventurous with children’s meals than maybe our own mothers or grandmothers were?

Angellica: I think we are more aware of different types of food than maybe before but my Gran was a cook and used to make me eat lots of West Indian dishes when I was little, so I was used to trying spicy, exotic food. I just think it depends on background and what you’re used to. We live in a much faster paced, technologically advanced demanding society than our mothers and grandmothers so there is an argument to say they had more time to cook and feed us!

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