It’s De-Stress Week at Slick Mummy

This week we are celebrating all things chillax. Products, experiences, tips and tricks that are the equivalent of a fortnight’s lie-down with cucumbers over the eyes and a decent set of headphones – but achievable in the realms of looking after the kids in the Summer holidays. Yep. Really.

We all know what it’s like to have a meltdown in Waitrose. To swear at a cyclist and then hear the kids repeat what you said from the back seat of the car. To buy an expensive night cream and be so tired you forget to put it on. To be so stressed about being late that you dress the family en route and when your boss called when you said you were working from home you were actually holding one child down and spooning jelly into the other one to keep it quiet.

Yoga? Yep, your eldest son took the mat to Glastonbury to sleep on (‘But Mummy, it was just in the garage…’) Massage? The last time anyone rubbed anything it was the gynecologist checking your perineum stitches. Talking about the problem – well – now do you get a wall chart sticker for that?

But fear not. We’ve tracked down a few simple yet genius stressbusters and will be telling you about them all week.

Got a good tip? Be it a wrinkle beater, a ‘stop worrying and get some sleeper’ a soul saver or a ‘deep breath and you’ll make it on time’ one – please do tweet, instagram or message us…