Keeping your cool in the third trimester…

AKA how not to resemble a melted ice lolly at 38 weeks… 😉

Editor writes: Before my youngest was born a week ago  my only means of blocking out the sun was by standing in the shadow cast by my ginormous belly. Third time ’round pregnancy takes no prisoners and seemingly nor does the current heatwave.

Besides sitting with the freezer door open and scoffing Magnums, here are my picks for keeping your cool…


The Jojoba Company’s Moisturising Day Cream is a lightweight day cream packed with natural ingredients but the zinc in it keep skin looking matte but plump. There’s SPF (in case you forgot, because you were browsing Nameberry) plus the product comes in a clever dispenser which allows you to pump and squeeze, meaning that every splodge comes out of the tube (hey –  it’s good practice for breastfeeding…) Get this one from Ocado or StressNoMore.

I’ve also been mainlining Ark Skincare’s award winning Body Beautiful Conditioning Oil which is ayurvedic (nope, we can’t say it either) and smells divine (a bit like Aveda’s Love oil) and you can rub it all over your stretch marks, flaky skin, frizzy hair, swollen ankles (I could go on but it wouldn’t be pretty…) A little goes a long way, it’s not greasy at all (despite being an oil) and you smell like a sort of upmarket Moroccan spa (it’s rose and patchouli based, but in a morning-sickness-friendly way) – available online.

I’m a latecomer I know to Tresemme’s Keratin range but who can resist the lure of their 7 Day Smooth treatment when one’s hair goes through weekly torture via over-chlorinated kids’ pools, 30-second school run ‘up-do’s’ and ‘last in the shower, no time to condition’ situations. And that’s before the preggo hormones kick in to make frizzy like, supersize frizzy… Anyway – this one really does work, even if you just comb a few drops through and dry your hair under the dryer at the aforementioned pool whilst (with the other hand) feeding your toddler a packet of PomBears. Grab it from Superdrug as it’s BOGOF.