Kickstart #OrganicSeptember with some organic superfoods

September is Organic Month – not that we need an excuse – but it’s a good time to celebrate products that make eating organic even more heroic.

Lizi’s Granola: Lizi began cooking up her granola in the kitchen of her Welsh B&B and unlike most people’s attempts the result wasn’t something that resembled gravel and took fillings out when it was chewed. So popular was her breakfast that she went on to develop a huge range of delicious granola (much of it gluten free or low GL) including a fully certified organic variety. It is available in family sized packs or dinky little single servings – great for a handbag size refuel on the run. For stockists click here.

New range of Baby Biscuits from Organix: Mums love Organix for one simple reason; kids can’t get enough of ’em. So we were super excited to hear about the new range of baby biscuits, shaped in toddler friendly little ‘o’s and in delicious fruit or vanilla flavour options.

Miniscoff are purveyors of organic ready meals for kids, available at Ocado. With imagination-friendly names such as Treasure Island Chicken on Broccoli Bill’s Pie little ones will be forking in goodness with gusto.