Lovely Little Things: Braun Facial Epilator and Cleansing Brush

A little while back facial exfoliation was all the rage. Those who did it swore by it, those who didn’t thought to themselves ‘do I really have room for one more gadget in the bathroom cupboard?’

And as for facial epilation, in the grand scheme of hair removal methods, it is often overlooked. Back with ‘moustache bleaching’ it was one of those things public school girls did in dorms in the 90s and then grew up to get their lip hair zapped with a lazer or whipped off with wax.

But this nifty gadget makes both of the above so easy to do and the results are so pleasing that you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Barely the size of a tube of Nair, this consists of a base (like an electric toothbrush) onto which the epilator or the brush head can be simply slotted. It’s clean and white and comes with a sleek looking carry case…

As an epilator it is gentle but effective. The instructions suggest that you start on a less sensitive bit (your chin) before you move on to more skilled topiary but the tweezers move in both directions so once mastered you can eliminate the ‘ouch’ factor.

The cleansing brush can be used with a face wash or gel of your choice (a foamy one works better than a balm) and it oscillates as you glide it over your face.  It feels like nothing is happening but rinse away and HELLO! here are about 190,000 zingly fresh pores you didn’t notice before (in fact, Braun give you a lovely light up magnifying mirror so you can see them even better…)


As for taking up cupboard space, you’ll get so addicted to using this one you might never even put it away. Admittedly, your husband *might* mistake it for a fancy vibrator if you leave it on the bedside table though… 😉

Available from Boots.