Lovely little things…Louloubelle Palmarosa & Patchouli Hydrating Moisturiser

I’ll confess, I’ve always been a secret patchouli lover. Sweet, dark, earthy… I know it has had a bad rep since it became the one-stop-cover-up for bad hippy smells, but if you’ve ever smelled the pink flowers in the wild you’ll know it has a wonderfully uplifting aroma. In fact it is often used as an antidepressant.

So Louloubelle’s hydrating moisturiser not only smells divine but also looks cheerful too, in its grown-up-girlie candy-stripe pink packaging. Packed full of goodies like borage, apricot and avocado oil and essential oils of rose, palmarosa and frankincense – its feels and smells much more luxurious than its £24.95 price tag.

It does actually clearly state that you only need a pea sized amount of this for each use, but alas it is so addictive you will find yourself applying a bit more – just for an extra sniff!

Louloubelle is the brainchild of Magda Thompson, Qualified Beauty Therapist & Aromatherapist, who believes in creating beautiful products from natural ingredients.