Lovely little things… Milk_Shake Hair Products

Milk_Shake is an Italian company creating salon professional haircare products harnessing the goodness of milk and fruit.

We tried the Milk_Shake Sweet Chamomile Shampoo and Conditioner, Sweet Chamomile leave-in conditioner and the Incredible Milk.

Our SM tester writes: Having recently gone Gwen Stefani blonde, I’m a sucker for anything that cares for my colour but is also natural (as I have sinned enough to go lighter anyhow!) The Sweet Chamomile shampoo smells absolutely delicious – there’s organic honey in there to soften strands and the chamomile scent just makes me think of a book my daughter has where the fairies wash their hair in dewdrops (in fact, it is gentle enough for fairies and my naturally blonde children to use too). Chamomile is a natural highlight brightener and your hair really does shine when it catches the light. 

The Sweet Chamomile conditioner is incredible; it makes your hair smooth and supple, you’ll just keep running your hands through your hair once you have it on – and then I finished off with a spritz of the leave in conditioner from the same range through damp hair. which is a lightweight treat. 

I also used Milk_Shake’s bestselling and award winning Incredible Milk which is the ultimate multitasking product (taking on everything from repair to frizz control to UV protection) – plus it smells like ice cream, so it also helps beat food cravings!

The Chamomile products come as a gift set – a great present if you know any blondies – and you can order everything from the website.