Lovely Little Things: Oilatum Daily Junior Cleansers range

Ask any mum of a kid with dry skin and they will tell you the same thing: they’re just kids. With dry skin.

Ask them to stand still whilst you slather on aqueous cream? Nope, they’ll be trying to ride their trike ’round the living room. Expect them to use ‘medicinal’ bath treatments when their siblings use something pink, glittery and smelling of Peppa Pig? No way.

For mums of kids with dry skin Oilatum has always been a great brand. ‘As a body lotion or bath treatment it really delivers,’ one of our SM testers says ‘,on the days you forget to use it, run out or they stay over at a friend’s house you notice the difference straight away…’

So we were really glad to hear that Oilatum have launched a new range of cleansing products, including Junior Bath Foam, Junior Head to Toe Wash, Junior Shampoo – all mild enough to be used daily and created with dermatologists.

SM Tester says: ‘the first thing to say is that the cleansing products can be used by all the family, so no need to buy separates – even tiny babies can use. They have the same scent as the lotion, which I really like (maybe we are used to it), to me it smells powdery and clean. The bubble bath is lovely, lots of foam – enough to make ‘castles’ as my daughter likes to – and the Head to Toe wash is mild and gentle, no complaints of stinging eyes. After the bath my daughter’s skin was touchably soft and this lastest all day…’

Editor’s tip: try the super moisturising Head to Toe wash for shaving your legs!